Laughter Yoga

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Laughter taps our inner well of joy and connects us to others. Most of us love to laugh, but we don’t do it enough or are dependent on funny movies or other forms of comedy to stimulate laughter. Laughter Yoga liberates us from this dependency and offers us the freedom to laugh anywhere at anytime, gaining numerous mental, emotional and physiological benefits almost instantly.

Simple and fun, Laughter Yoga brings out our innate, childlike playfulness and relieves tension while offering us the opportunity to form stronger social bonds and feel a deeper heart connection to all beings. Through this practice we play with various Laughter Yoga techniques, as well as gentle yoga asana, breathing and relaxation to promote joy, wellness and ease.

I found Laughter Yoga while I was deep in my healing process with Lyme Disease. There was nothing that lifted my spirits, boosted my energy and relieved my pain more than my Laughter Yoga practice. Being sick and in pain can be very isolating and depressing. Laughter Yoga is an easy and powerful way to create a feeling of connection and community.

Scientifically proven benefits of Laughter Yoga include

  • Stronger immunity
  • More oxygen to the blood and brain
  • Abdominal toning
  • Release of muscular tension
  • Decrease in physical and emotional pain (from injury and illness as well as in childbirth)
  • Increase in the “feel good” hormones: endorphins, dopamine, and oxytocin as well as the neurotransmitter serotonin

Everyone can benefit from Laughter Yoga, including pregnant women. To learn more about Laughter Yoga go to:

“Britt brings such vibrant energy to her laughter yoga exercises that you want to immediately join in, release your cares and unleash your laughter. Combining her traditional yoga practice with laughter yoga she helps bring forward an invigorating new form of laughing body-mind connection. I highly recommend her.”

Teresa Corrigan R.N. M.A. C.L.Y.T.

“THANK YOU for inspiring laughter in my birth. You did one prenatal yoga class focused on laughter, it must have planted a seed because I ended up having the most giggly, raucous birth. In between contractions my husband and I danced and laughed it out. The experience was made more joyful and light­hearted by letting it rip (the laughter that is).”

Antonia S.