Client Experiences


“Britt teaches a very thoughtful and hands on yoga practice. No injury is too small for her to guide you through varied poses with gentleness and care. And to boot, there is a lot of joy and laughter in the room.”


“Britt’s yoga classes are a delight! Every class is different and she expertly guides us in the nuances of each pose so that we get the most out of them. Best of all is Britt’s bright and sparkly spirit and her infectious smile. We learn from her the wisdom of laughter along with the wisdom of restorative yoga.”

Elizabeth Macdonald

“Britt is magic. I have been taking classes with Britt for many years. She approaches yoga with a sense of humility, humor, and awe that sets her apart from other teachers. Britt is so tuned in to her students- taking the time to understand what is keeping us from moving freely in this world. Her interest, respect, and compassion for her students is incredible. Britt often knows what is going on in my body before I do. She is full of joy- and shares her sensual love of life in her teachings.”

Leslie E.

“I have been taking Britt’s yoga classes for over ten years. Her classes leave me feeling relaxed, clear, and rejuvenated. Britt is warm, welcoming, and deeply connected with her students–the ideal teacher for anyone with injuries or health issues, but really, the ideal teacher for anyone looking to find their calm and nourish their body.”

Marci Riseman

“I walk out of Britt’s classes with an amazing sense of well being. Her gentle stretches and restorative postures allow me to really tune into what my body needs. These classes are great for yogis who want a rest from more demanding classes, as well as folks who are new to yoga or are nursing injuries.”

Mary Janowitz

“Over the last few years I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with Britt and have been impressed with her ability to see and meet her students where they are—offering careful and precise instruction to each of her students to best meet their needs.  She has a wonderful “beginner’s mind” always encouraging herself and her students to meet each moment freshly and to take care of the body of the present moment.  Most moving to me, however, is Britt’s clear vision of her yoga practice as a way to help all her students return deeply to themselves, for their own well-being and for the well-being of all beings everywhere.”

Jeremy Levie, Soto Zen Priest, San Francisco Zen Center

“Britt is a true pro. She has more integrity in her teaching than anyone I know. She cares little about what is in popular demand and teaches to what she believes in and what her students need. Britt uses her years of experience to help work with students with limitations and injuries. Her deep understanding of yoga surpasses the physical body and extends into the emotional and energetic body. She is fully engrossed in her teaching. It is an honor to take class with her.”

Elizabeth Herrick

“I am a former yoga teacher and dancer, have taken many yoga and movement classes. If you are looking for someone who can teach yoga from the inside out, help you understand how to release on a deeper level, and actually change your body, Britt is your teacher. Many yoga teachers, as great as they are, do not understand the spiritual/restorative/peaceful/transformative nature of yoga. It is not exercise, or at least its roots are not. It is being used that way in America now, but it actually has the potential to give much more than that. Britt embodies that harmony, and teaches it. She gives individual attention, and listens. Great for someone with injuries, someone who wants more pleasure and fun in their body, or someone willing to understand that less is more. I feel very lucky to have found Britt, she is a rare and beautiful gem!

Katherine H.

“Britt is an amazing teacher! In her class, I was grounded, focused and cheerful. It was such a treat!

Tanya V.

“Britt very naturally and easily invites students into stillness; asks them to reflect on their journey in meaningful ways; responds to her students in a manner that communicates they are truly seen and heard; blends healthy alignment with concise cues, modifications, and adjustments; and shares anecdotes from her personal journey and thereby exhibits an authentic interest in her own continued growth. ”

Lydia W.


Britt is a powerful, graceful presence. She’s steady in her knowing of her Self. She nourishes and continually expands her authentic creative expression and offerings to our community: teaching yoga, holding circles, and offering out her doula practice. Her deep respect for the significance of Birth in Life translates in how she encourages women to ready for and meet their own unique, birth experience with confidence and devotion. She discerns with ease when to occupy space with steady silence, and when to use words to guide women to plumb more deeply, to access more of self in Labor. It is always a midwife’s pleasure when Britt is part of a family’s birth team.

Kelly Murphy, Homebirth Midwife

“Britt guided us through a 26 hour labor and got me through it without pain meds. Her energy, way of communicating, and encouragement truly were what got me through.”


“We were so very fortunate to work with Britt for the pregnancies and births of both our boys. She was our rock, balancing the act of doula goddess and hospital liaison/parental advocate. Confident with my choice of a non-intervention, hospital birth but knowing I needed help to get through it, Britt provided that extra sense of support to my husband and me. Icing on the cake – beautiful photos capturing this amazing, life-changing process!”

Katie Irwin

“Britt helped us prepare both physically and emotionally for our birth. We had chosen a hospital setting, but were very clear that we wanted a natural and unmedicated birth if at all possible. She arrived at our home to support us during labor and drove us to the hospital when we decided it was time to go. Not only was the birth smooth, it was exactly the connected, relaxed, and empowering experience we were hoping to have. Britt has a powerful but calm presence that is a wonderful asset to any birth. It meant the world to have someone we trusted there with us and we would hire her again in a heartbeat.”


“Britt, Our birth was amazing, intense, peaceful, beautiful and just the rich bonding experience we had hoped it would be. Your presence, your confidence in us, your calm were all sooo helpful. You connected so perfectly with me during my “surges” – your words were exactly the ones I needed to visualize and use my energy constructively. I know our sweet baby girl is here safe and sound to a large degree because of you. And, I love the beautiful photo record you shared with us when it was all over. You’re amazing. Thanks.”

Kim and John

“One of my principal reasons for wanting a Doula was that I wanted my husband to be able to have his own experience during the birth of our child. I knew that childbirth was a long and sometimes difficult process and that he would need the reassurance that I would be taken care of when he wasn’t sure what to do for me or when he needed a break. I also wanted us both to have a resource for information, for guidance and for comfort. Britt provided all of those things through our prenatal visits as she taught us massage, helpful birthing positions and relaxation techniques. Britt stayed with us during the entire process of “hard labor.” I was never alone as Britt and my husband took turns breathing with me, massaging me, and giving me great encouragement. She was a key and necessary member of our birthing team from start to finish. If we decide to have another baby in the future, I would not hesitate to work with Britt again.”

Maureen Deboer

“I am the mother of 2 beautiful children, both of which Britt attended their births as a doula, a photographer and a friend. I have learned more about being a woman and my body in the past 3 years (since I’ve known Britt) than ever before. I first met her in her prenatal yoga class, and before we began class, she sat at the front of the room with her notebook and pen and asked a simple question, “Have you ever watched a birth?” I had never thought about what a birth should be, I just thought you were lucky if you made it to the other side. But a flash went off in my head. Britt’s simple question had started a revolution in my head. I realized I had a lot to learn from this wise woman. Britt does not judge or force an agenda. She simply listens, respectful of her sisters, nurturing their instincts. And when you’re ready, she has a whole heart full of resources to guide you on this amazing journey, whatever you want it to be. She is building a community for women, a sacred space to honor her mammas. Imparting wisdom, sharing stories, having a safe place to be vulnerable, a space to celebrate our true power. She knows the better way. The way our foremothers embraced their inner strength and knowing because they worked together, they shared, they supported.”

Tamee Cooper

“I am so thankful to have found Britt. I cannot sing her praises enough. We had planned a home birth with a midwife, but I also wanted the support of a doula during my labor. When I met Britt I knew immediately that I wanted her to be that support. I was also persuaded by the fact that my midwife said that out of all the doulas on the list she gave me, Britt was her favorite. I could go on about all the details of my daughters birth, but what I really just want to express is how instrumental she was in helping me get through some very difficult parts of my labor that were completely unexpected. She helped me believe in myself and my bodies ability to birth my child naturally and feel empowered even when so much of the process was completely out of my control and did not happen the way I had envisioned. Overall, I loved our experience with Britt. From our photo sessions, yoga classes and birth, our time together was a huge part of my pregnancy and birth and now I miss her because I don’t see her as often! She is a truly lovely person and I am so grateful to have had her a part of one of the biggest experiences of my life.”

Jennifer Della Santa


“Britt photographed my husband and I when I was 9 months pregnant and also my daughter’s birth. Britt made us feel very comfortable by being open to our thoughts and ideas about what we wanted, and ultimately we formed a spontaneous collaboration. She captured our true selves and our intimacy. She was prompt, and prepared and very supportive. I can’t wait to share the whole experience with photos with my daughter one day.”

Lynette Kaplan, Mother of Rose Marie

“Thank you doesn’t come close to the gratitude I feel for the the photographs you made of Odessa’s birth. Not only will they become a documented treasure for Odessa, for me they are transforming how I see the birth. Your images capture so much beauty, rawness and, well, life! I will always remember peeking an eye open at times and seeing your calm, wisewoman face full of confidence and intention. And while I’m at it, I’ll sing your yoga praises and your gifts to the birthing community. It was an honor in both of my pregnancies to be in your midst.”

Kim Indressano

“When my husband and I started looking around for a photographer to do a maternity shoot, Britt came highly recommended. She came to our house for the shoot, was wonderful, professional and calming. I am normally pretty skittish in front of the camera, but she made us both feel perfectly at ease. She got our proofs back to us within a week, and we love the images!! It will be so special to have these going forward – to look back and remember this unique, exciting and ultimately brief stage of our lives. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Heidi M.

“Britt is a highly talented photographer. I felt at ease with her immediately when she came into my home for a photo session. Although we had just met, I felt comfortable taking a wide range of belly shots with her, from nudes to more artistic photographs. Near the end of the session she invited my husband to be in the photographs and he was equally at ease. We both adore all the photographs that were a product of this session. Britt is professional and generous with her time. Moreover, her deep knowledge of birth and the woman’s body makes her uniquely well suited to take beautiful intimate photos of you during your pregnancy.”


“Britt was professional and warm, and I immediately felt calm and happy about taking nude and semi-nude photos on my own and with my husband and dog. She had a great, easy energy and sense of humor, and I couldn’t be happier with the photos, which she turned around in less than a week’s time. I’m so grateful to have these beautiful memories of my first pregnancy and baby. I would highly recommend Britt if you’re looking for a prenatal photographer in the Bay Area.”

Frances P.

“I was very happy to have Britt take my prenatal photos. I really wanted to document that moment in my life and I am so pleased to have such beautiful photos of my pregnancy that I will cherish forever. Something that I hope my daughter will appreciate one day as well. Britt made me feel so comfortable and at ease during the session we had in our home and she went above and beyond to get the perfect shot! I loved the time we spent together during my prenatal session, so it was only natural for us to have her do our first family shots as well. Once again, she captured such sweet, precious moments in such a professionally, candid way. And then there are of course our birth photos. One of the perks of having Britt be our doula was that she photographed our daughters birth. I can’t wait to share those with my daughter as well!”

Jennifer D.

“Britt is AWESOME!!!! I had the pleasure of having a photo shoot done with myself and some other pregnant mammas which took place in Bodega Bay. She was so fun and energetic and a complete joy to work with.  She really knows how to capture all of your beauty and energy in her photos. It was really a beautiful day overall and the surroundings she chose for the shoot were all gorgeous. i was so happy with the results and ended up with some great shots to have as keepsakes of my first pregnancy.”

Sylvia U.

“Britt made me feel so comfortable and beautiful during our photo session. Her pictures captured the beauty of my metamorphosing body and the calm joyful spirit of my pregnancy. I am so grateful for the experience and these gorgeous pictures.”

Dana Zemel