With my Deepening Doula Circle doula mentorship program around the corner, I have been asked by several doulas to share more about my philosophy, approach and experience as a doula, yoga teacher, photographer, birth educator and doula mentor.  To get the ball rolling, I am starting this deeper dive into sharing my voice and experiences with a collection of articles I have either written myself or been invited to be a featured guest.

An interview for Doula Trainings International

First, and most relevant to the topic of doula mentoring, is an interview for Doula Trainings International. Over the past two years, I have joined the DTI crew to photograph and teach on retreats focused on continuing education and self care for doulas. Here I talk about how I am passionate about supporting doulas in stepping into their true power, as we create clear boundaries to enhance and support our own well being.

Articles for Doula Spot

Next is a couple of articles I wrote for Doula Spot, a great online resource and community connecting doulas and childbearing families.
Here I share my perspective on birth preparation and creating the conditions for a conscious, empowering birth.

Next, I write about one of my favorite topics, bringing your love connection into your birth.  This is a topic that we are going to dive into during the circle, as harnessing this energy has improved the births of countless families that I have worked with.

Collaborations and Contributions

Staying with the sexy theme, here’s an article I contributed to, written by my colleague Julian Redwood of Full Frontal Fatherhood about sex during pregnancy.  If you or anyone you know is seeking a couples therapist, I cannot recommend Julian enough!  Here’s a video that covers material similar to the article.

In this birth story, written by one of my prenatal yoga students, you get to hear about how my classes helped this mamma relax through a challenging pregnancy and natural birth at the San Francisco Birth Center.

This audio recording is part of Michelle Olsen of Green Light Coaching’s Mamma’s Back to Work Summit, where I talk about the importance of self care in the postpartum time.

And while we’re checking out interviews, here are a couple of Yoga Journal articles I was interviewed for:

The benefits of Prenatal Yoga
The benefits of Postnatal Yoga

I hope that you enjoy these articles, maybe learn a thing or two about me and the work I love sharing so much!  Let me know what you think!