An unforgettable adventure


commune with likeminded women

delight in your sensuality

dive into the depths


Expand your comfort zone

Feel wild and free

Honor life's transitions consciously

immerse in pleasure

Make new friends focused on growth

Relax in stillness

Replenish your root

Return to your sensual self

Soak up the silence

Tune in, turn on, rock out

Uplift your spirit

The Juicy Ladies is a symphony of immersive offerings, an elixir of experience, practice, ceremony and community, created to nourish joyful embodiment.


A three month journey into living a more pleasurable, joyful and turned-on life. Through ritual, reflection, dance, breath and yoga, we’ll refresh your life and body with a profound sense of aliveness.


Nourishing adventures to the most magical river in the wilds of Northern California, for experiencing the synergy of feminine yoga, embodiment practices, relaxation and pure enjoyment, while connecting deeply with self, nature and community.

Juicy Ladies Circles

Playful and inquisitive gatherings that build community while enhancing pleasure, embodiment, and integration of practice into daily life.

Yoga for Your Yoni

Cultivate embodiment and expand pleasure in this 6-week online series for women in all life stages.

Juicy Coaching

A conscious container for the deepening of your feminine evolution, healing and embodiment.


Intimate, ritualistic experiences for honoring life’s most significant rites of passage, including Blessingways for pregnant women.

Juicy Dance Parties

Sonic journeys in beautiful, outdoor settings, intended to inspire joyful embodiment, while deepening a connection to nature and community.


Capture the radiance, beauty, and yumminess of your body and being.


Juicy is soft and luscious

Juicy is messy and fragrant

Juicy is yummy and worth savoring

Juicy is ripe, radical, and regenerative

Juicy is playful, bold, full of laughter, and overflowing with tears

Juicy is fluid, spiral, cosmic, earthly, and in tune with the rhythms of nature

What defines a “Juicy Lady”?

A juicy lady knows her sensual, sexual and creative power and isn’t afraid to delight in it

A juicy lady relishes in her connection with nature

A juicy lady is willing to go into the unknown to find out more about herself and others

A juicy lady embraces vulnerability and allows herself to be open in body, heart, mind and speech

Why does being juicy matter?

We all thrive when we are well hydrated, full of source energy, and gushing with inspiration, possibility, and aliveness.

JUICY is a state of being that encourages joyful embodiment, delights in sensual pleasure, inspires nourishing movement, and luxuriates in rest.

Juiciness encourages raw and real connection

In our full juiciness, we cultivate a sense of belonging, while honoring the wisdom of our bodies, ancestors, and Mother Earth.

In our juiciness we invite expansion, questioning, and reclaiming.

Juiciness is about using our voices and uplifting each other. We embrace our shadows and proudly radiate our light. In juiciness, we ripen into beings that hold our loving power with each other and without apology, excuses, or comparison.

Juiciness is the foundation of sensuality, it enhances our experience of food, yoga, movement, community, sex, and life. Being juicy encourages us to soak up every aspect of the present moment.

Juiciness is more ancient and collaborative than patriarchy and reclaims our bodily sovereignty, interdependence, and sacredness. Juicy community celebrates all bodies, all ways of movement, all expressions of embodiment and adornment.

Juicy is a revolution of the unabashed enjoyment of life in a body.


“Britt’s circles have been some of the best experiences of my life and the most connected I’ve felt in my womanhood. Sharing with other women in such a vulnerable and monumental part of my life was life changing and so very supportive.

I was able to be in a room with 20+ women who had fears, challenges, excitement, love and desires that mirrored back to my own. Britt has a talent for bringing women together, through song, intentions, sharing and hugs, Britt creates a very safe space and vessel to connect. She is a conduit of love that seems to be working with divine intervention. The space she holds invited me and other women to really dive into our humanity and femininity to support each other and our life changing journey.

The best gift I ever got from Britt’s circles is a community of women. And in that community, I found a best friend; what a gift to find a mama on the same path, with the same values at this very vulnerable time. Britt helped us to connect because she saw something before we did.

I don’t know what else to say except I want Britt to be in my life… for the rest of my life.”

-Nicole Frick


“Some highlights for me were the movement and sound practices for creating space in my body and simply practicing
being in my body.  I appreciated having the freedom to explore being in community with other women, that was hugely powerful for me. I really valued Britt’s  knowledge, teaching, and openness to share! I love learning from other women and am so grateful to Britt for providing such a welcoming and safe space to be expressive.  And last but not least, the photos! They helped me to feel so IN MY POWER. Looking back at them, I am reminded to adjust my crown, step into my power and own my life.”


Britt’s offerings have been so resourcing for me, filling my tanks with multiple modalities.

Her Juicy Ladies Retreat made me feel so at ease and cared for, but also challenged and ultimately capable, able to manifest more fun in my life.

Her Juicy Ladies circles make me feel connected, energized, educated and curious. Her Gentle Yoga classes leave me feeling loose, focused and chill, able to reconnect to myself (and others), recharging the batteries.

Most recently, I had a private yoga session with her after a surgical procedure. I was vulnerable and tender.

It felt like having a really good friend over to take care of me, gently finding poses that felt right, supported however necessary (she’s creative!), while encouraging my body’s innate wisdom to help me move and let go.

In all my experiences with her, she’s down to earth, makes space for where you’re at, exudes fun, and takes it seriously at the same time sharing proper instruction for all bodies.

I feel like she has an aura of chill, an infectious free spirit, a tool belt of magical tricks, a backbone of purpose and a mantra of pleasure.

-Sarah T


“Britt creates a loving, supportive container where we can experience the healing waters of the Yuba, combined with her unique form of yoga. I left the retreat feeling refreshed, renewed, and connected to other sisters- truly juicy ladies- and ready to face the world again! The morning restorative yoga was wonderful! The daytime river, so relaxing and renewing! The nourishing meals, so delicious! I loved meeting amazing, empathic and magical ladies!