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ecstasy of birth

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Pregnancy and Birth Offerings

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Birth Doula

Receive personalized, holistic and nurturing support throughout pregnancy and birth.  Learn how to pave the way for your ideal birth experience, while enjoying continuity of care with two of San Francisco’s most experienced birth doulas.

Prenatal Yoga

Prepare your body, heart and mind for birth and motherhood through gentle movement, stretching, strengthening and stillness.  Learn to relax deeply, increase your confidence in your body and open to the power of birth.


Celebrate the beauty and glory of your pregnancy, birth and baby with unique natural light photographs.  I’ll use my expertise as a doula and yoga teacher to guide you into a state of relaxation so your natural radiance can shine through.

Preconception, Pregnancy & Birth Coaching

Explore all of your options through fertility, pregnancy, birth and beyond.  I provide referrals for midwives, doctors, complementary health care providers, birth and parenting classes, books, and other resources.


Learn how to work with your body’s natural ability to give birth to make way for a more relaxed, pleasurable and empowered experience.  We’ll cover birth physiology, breathing, meditation, the role of the partner, using affirmations and self hypnosis.

Professional Mentoring

I offer mentoring for those interested in deepening their doula practice or yoga teaching, as well as those who are considering careers in any of my areas of expertise.

Birth Resources

Connect with some of the best pregnancy, birth and family focused providers and resources in the San Francisco Bay Area, and beyond. My reading list can also be found here.


"In the first session of Britt's Preparing Your Vagina for Birth class, she said something along the lines of "How can you advocate for your vagina if you can't talk about it?" In that moment I knew I had made the right decision to join her course.

This course was a refreshing combination of movement, lecture, discussion, and yoga practice. We laughed, we danced, we listened to chimes, we screamed into a towel, and so much more.

On a practical level, this course helped amplify and expand upon what I had covered in other prenatal courses. For example, I had heard about perineal massage in passing quite a few times, but Britt was the first teacher to actually spend time demystifying it. Beyond that, the coursework Britt offered inspired me to expand my view of what pregnancy and birth looks like and helped me voice my own expectations and acknowledge my fears as I prepare to become a mother.

I'm grateful that Britt has taken the time to transform her course to this online setting. Particularly given the environment we're in today, it offered a space for me to reflect on what I need in place to feel supported through the birthing experience, at least what I can control that is. Thank you, Britt!"

Crystal Stone

"This is the class that every woman should take at some point in their life. Britt brings a sense of honor, pride, humor and realness to a subject that is too often hushed up and hidden under the covers. Instead, Britt encourages women to explore it, own it, and celebrate its essence. There’s no better time to embrace the feminine than during pregnancy. My clients who have taken the class all rave about it and approach their births with added confidence.”
Sue Baelen, Homebirth Midwife

“Preparing your Vagina for Birth is literally SO much fun! I can't recommend it enough. I learned how to truly be in my body and listen for what my body is doing and needing. It was empowering during labor to listen for how my body wanted to move and what it needed to hear. I was connected with where my baby was in her birth path. Rather than birth being something that was happening to me, I was with birth, able to ride its waves with confidence. Britt's work is truly a gift and I am forever grateful for our healing and empowered birth experience.”
Danielle Teitelman

“Preparing Your Vagina for Birth was everything I hoped for, and more! Britt shares a wide range of techniques to help you labor with confidence. I wasn't sure which would stick for me, but it certainly came clear when I went into labor. There were vivid moments when I felt I had enough, but I leveraged what Britt taught us and I was able to get through my delivery without medication and no tearing!

Thanks for your support, Britt! My family and yoni will be forever grateful.”


“Preparing your Vagina for Birth” is the perfect mix of education, self-discovery, and empowerment. This series dives deep into the parts of birth that, from my perspective as a birth worker, seem foundational but don’t often get enough attention.

Most clients that I work with have some level of concern about tearing during their birth. This class not only covers that in detail, but digs deep into the vagina’s participation in the birthing process while encouraging participants to connect to their own vaginas and all the experiences their vaginas bring into the birth!

Not only was the content in this course phenomenal, but the sessions we spent together were beautifully facilitated by Britt. She is a very talented teacher that knows how to cultivate intimacy and lead people towards deep and profound growth. I would recommend this class for all birthing people with a vagina!

Brigette Barnato, Homebirth Midwife and Birth Educator

“THANK YOU for inspiring laughter in my birth. You did one prenatal yoga class focused on laughter towards the very end of my pregnancy, and it must have planted a seed because I ended up having the most giggly, raucous birth. It was awesome. In between contractions my husband and I danced and laughed it out in our little room. I’m not saying the birth was a breeze, but the experience was made more joyful and light­hearted by letting it rip (the laughter that is).”

Antonia S.

“Her breadth and depth of experience is unmatched. She embraces the emotional and physical messiness of birth and doesn’t shy away from intensity. At the same time, she has this wonderful playful spirit and loving mama bear fierceness.”

Erin M.

“THANK YOU for the photos of the birth. We have looked through them twice now, and have cried both times, remembering the power and beauty of that night. WOW. Your presence and support at the birth was so crucial… and we didn’t even really think about the photos being part of the service you were providing for us… but we realize now what a huge gift it is to have them, to be able to remember the moment of our first meeting Rye and of Rebecca’s being a total badass in bringing him here. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

Elizabeth R.

“I’m a homebirth midwife in SF and Britt is one of my favorite doulas. I am thrilled whenever my clients choose to work with her. She is knowledgeable, talented, dedicated and persistent. Her skills at guiding women through labor, especially using hypnobirthing techniques, are unparalleled. Her prenatal visits are always valuable and prepare clients for what’s ahead, helping them to be proactive and ready. Her work during labor always prioritizes her clients’ health and empowerment. Birth can be hard but it’s always better with Britt.”

Sue Baelen

“Even from hundreds of miles away Britt was an integral part of my son’s birth.  With kindness, patience and love, she helped me explore what type of birth I wanted and empowered me to figure out how to get there.  She taught me that with the right preparation I could (and did) achieve a mindful, calm, and loving birth.”

Nicole Rodin