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Meet Britt

meet britt circleAlways a wildly non-conformist, creative free spirit, my own way is all I’ve ever known.

My first love

Photography was my first love. The longing to become the next Annie Leibovitz and the desire to be surrounded by other free thinkers brought me from the suburbs of Chicago to Hampshire College. It was there I discovered yoga and feminism, and began to examine the way the world perceives women and their bodies and how I lived in mine.

Devoted to the Healing Arts

The same year I graduated college, I began to teach yoga and work in the world of commercial advertising photography while making and exhibiting my own images on the side. Not long after relocating to San Francisco, I was called to devote my energy to the healing arts and to my own creativity full time.

Not only was my mother a powerful influence on me becoming an artist, but she also inspired my work as a doula.

I continued to teach yoga, enrolled in the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, and immediately after graduating, launched a successful Asian bodywork practice, which soon focused on Prenatal Massage. Since then, my work as a fine art photographer has been shown in galleries, private collections and exhibits all over the country; many of my images have also been published in print and online publications.

Not only was my mother a powerful influence on me becoming an artist, but she also inspired my work as a doula. She gave birth to me naturally and has always shared the most positive memories of her experience. In college I uncovered a longing to advocate for women’s rights, and as I deepened my studies of yoga and bodywork, I saw how the medical establishment often fell short in the way it treated women’s reproductive health.

Guiding Women Towards Positive Births

I soon realized that following my passion for natural health care and drive to support women would tie all of my interests together. Assisting women in cultivating the tools to bring their babies into the world in a healthy and empowered way is now my primary focus. In my doula practice I integrate HypnoBirthing, yoga, traditional wisdom, conscious touch, Buddhist teachings and mindfulness to guide women toward positive births, full of presence and connection.

The influences of my yoga teaching are also diverse, with roots in the Iyengar tradition and Vipassana (Buddhist Insight) Meditation and branches out into Laughter Yoga, Viniyoga and Pilates.

My teaching style is accessible, mellow and playful, placing a strong emphasis on alignment, sequencing, breath and inner awareness; my approach is imbued with warmth, pragmatism and the humility that has come with personal challenges and life experience.

Skill and Creativity as a Healer

As an athlete and lifelong adventurer, I have endured numerous injuries along with a 15-year bout with Lyme disease. I was forced to modify my practice, change my diet, collaborate with physical therapists, bodyworkers, and other practitioners, and learn more about alternative healing modalities. Though these circumstances challenged me more than anything else in my life, they also helped to bring my skill and creativity as a healer to the surface. I now see the importance of adopting a practice and lifestyle to suit the body, rather than trying to fit the body into some idea of what the practice and life should look like.

I am grateful every day to my family, mentors, clients and students for supporting me in creating such a rewarding career and life in San Francisco. When I’m not doing all of the above, you can find me dancing, surfing or wandering into the wild with my dog, Leo.