Trust in your body’s natural intelligence

celebrate the brilliance of your body

Build lasting bonds with an inspiring community

Get to know your body more intimately

Mindfully prepare for the initiation of birth

Preparing your Vagina for Birth

A fun, somatic, sex-positive and collaborative approach to helping pregnant people become more relaxed and excited about their bodies opening for birth.

About the course

This course offers in-depth coverage of a topic that most pregnant people are thinking about but few birth preparation classes fully address. Since fear of one’s genitals being wounded or traumatized can present as tension and resistance in the WHOLE BODY, it can be beneficial to dispel the fear and anxiety that is so common in pregnancy. Through high quality education about how your body works in birth, simple practices you can do at home and mindset shifts you can implement right away, this course will help you feel more excited, confident and empowered in pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Each session includes

“This class made me so much more in tune with my sexuality. ” Taylor Renee

  • Entertaining, graphic and truthful talks about your vagina, birth and sex
  • Yoga, relaxation, breathing, visualization and dance
  • In the live class: 1-1 and group sharing to gently create space for you to open up, heal and step into your birthing power
  • Home-play experiences to support you in deepening your practice and opening up awkward or uncomfortable conversations with your partner, providers and other members of your birth team.
  • A detailed explanation of how to do perineal massage, or what I call “Pussy Release”

Who is this course for?

This course is open to pregnant people at all stages of pregnancy, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.

Birth workers also love taking this course, as there’s an abundance of information provided that can enhance your work with clients, which may have never been offered in your professional training.


When should I take this course?

Because the power of Preparing Your Vagina for Birth is based on transforming your mindset, nervous system and body through engaging practices, the earlier you can take it the better! That said, even people who have given birth after just one class have shared that they’ve gotten their money’s worth!


This class will help you if you…

  • Want to avoid trauma to you body in birth
  • Are afraid of giving birth vaginally
  • Have prior pelvic floor issues that cause you concern
  • Want to use birth as a way to better get to know your body
  • Want to spend time bonding with other pregnant people
  • Had a prior birth that didn’t go as well as you had hoped
  • Are curious about how your yoga practice, exercise routine or lifestyle might be adapted to make birth easier
  • Want to become more comfortable talking about your genitals in healthcare and sex
  • Want to have an empowering, connected and more relaxed birth

Benefits of this course include…

  • Getting more connected to your sexuality, for pregnancy, birth and beyond!
  • Increased confidence in birth and the bedroom
  • A full set of resources to support your postpartum healing and return to a vibrant sex life
  • A deeper understanding of your pleasure anatomy
  • Gaining clarity about birth choices that will lead to the birth you desire



Your teacher

I have thousands of hours of training and experience as a Birth Doula, Prenatal Yoga Teacher, HypnoBirthing Educator and Pleasure Coach. I’ve attended close to 500 births and have worked with thousands more pregnant people leading up to and after their births. The material in Preparing Your Vagina for Birth is informed by over two decades of a life immersed in birth, especially listening to the concerns and experiences of my clients, students and colleagues.

To hear more about my approach to this class, check out my Instagram and search for the #preparingyourvaginaforbirth.