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Join us at this summer’s
Juicy Ladies Retreats

Take an inspiring adventure to the most magical private river sanctuary in the wilds of Northern California.

Bring your inner mess, your exhausted body, your unsettledness about the world, and trade it in for morning juicy yoga, sunning your booty, starry skies and deep belly laughs while floating naked down the river with an inspiring group of women.

Juicy Ladies Retreats

Registration opens January 2024

River of Delight

July 10 – 14


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Queen of Pleasure

July 30 – August 4

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The Juicy Ladies Retreats are here to replenish your reserves and bring you back into your most luscious way of being in both practical and magical ways.

We explore transformative practices and rituals that will infuse your whole life with more inspiration, balance, clarity and enjoyment.

We build lasting bonds while reconnecting to joy, play and freedom.

We love up our bodies, tend to our hearts and expand our minds, and have fun doing it!

Each day includes:

Daily Juicy Yoga: Our signature blend of gentle, restorative and pelvic floor yoga for restoring vitality and igniting sensuality.

Naked woman doing yoga on a rock by the river
Naked woman doing yoga on a rock by the river

Nourishing and delicious meals that include a hearty, healthy breakfast, picnic lunches to take to the river and a delightful dinner full of juicy conversation.

Plenty of unstructured time to do what gives you pleasure. You can take a nap in the shade, draw or journal, meditate, go hiking, or float around in our private river canyon.
Naked woman doing yoga on a rock by the river
Naked woman doing yoga on a rock by the river

Embodiment and pleasure practices, circle time, rituals and guided relaxation under the stars.

Hear what some Juicy Ladies have to say about the experience:

So if you came here feeling like there is more to life than working, caretaking, and arduous self-improvement… you have come to the right place.


This JUICY package includes your accommodations, meals, morning yoga, embodiment practices, cannabis/ CBD, photography by Britt, access to private river and creek spots, yoga nidra under the stars, a magical riverside earth medicine ceremony and a goodie bag.

There are a few equity partial scholarship spots available, so please reach out if you’d like to apply!

CAMPING (In your vehicle, tent or under the stars)

Camping options are on the spacious deck overlooking the mountains, in the designated natural areas on the land around the house, or in your vehicle. Sleeping under the stars is a real treat on this private land. It’s quiet, safe and you’ll be warmly embraced by Mother Nature. There’s a dedicated bathhouse for the campers with all the amenities you will need, easily accessible from the side of the house. *Camping gear can be provided for an additional fee.

THE DELUXE GODDESS SUITE  (Price per person)

The most deluxe accommodations. Includes a private bathroom with a tub and two sinks.


Cozy and quiet, accessed through kitchen or outside entry. These rooms are adjacent to our yoga room and the guest kitchen (the chef cooks in the main kitchen upstairs.) These two bedrooms share one bathroom that is also used during yoga.


Each room is colorful, sunny and share two full bathrooms between the 4 rooms.

RIVER CABINS (available for the River of Pleasure retreat only)

Stay in one of two round stone cabins overlooking the river and be lulled to sleep by her soundscape. Right at our private river trailhead, these exclusive, fully off-the-grid accommodations are perfect for ladies who desire more privacy and solitude.

The two cabins share a deck and a bathhouse that includes a composting toilet and an unforgettable view from the outdoor shower.

Contact Britt for more info about this opportunity for a deeper immersion in nature.

River of Delight


July 10-14


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Queen of pleasure


July 30-August 4

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This retreat will help you…

  • Experience more ease and less stress
  • Get into a daily rhythm of practicing yoga and meditation
  • Make a bunch of amazing friends
  • Reconnect to nature and her wisdom
  • Feel into what gives you pleasure and have more of it
  • Set healthy boundaries throughout all areas of your life

In a nutshell, this retreat is for you if…

  • You desire both adventure and rest
  • You need time to reconnect with yourself
  • You want to feel more confident in your own skin
  • You’re curious about yoga practices for increasing pleasure
  • You’re seeking creative inspiration
Yoga on rock

Thanks for taking a peek into

The Juicy Ladies Retreats

If you’re into a life filled with more joy, embodiment & community, then you have come to the right place.

In my work with women over the past 20+ years, I have noticed that many of us get so wrapped up in our work, families and social obligations that we can lose connection to our own unique spark and joy of being.

Put the pandemic on top of that and we end up feeling isolated, alone, icky in our bodies, and longing for deeper IRL connection.

Like you, I have a busy, full life and need to get away from it all to reconnect with who I really am. My way is to go out into nature, bring delicious, healthy food, other deep and playful women, and sometimes a little cannabis. Hike around, rest, take in the sunshine through my naked body and remember that I am an animal.

This helps me remember that I am more than the sum of my work + contributions + place in the world. I am here to be in this body, and to enjoy this life as much as fucking possible.

Before I created the Juicy Ladies Retreats, I would take these amazing vacations out in nature and when people saw the photos, they would say, “I wish I could go on a trip like that!”

So I created the Juicy Ladies Retreats to share my unique balance of hedonistic play with nourishing & transformative practices, healthy food, and a welcoming community.

You see, EVERY woman has the potential to feel relaxed, at ease in her body, and deeply connected to a group of inspiring women.

You and I were born with a capacity to feel an abundance of pleasure, relaxation, and a sense of belonging.

Although my life isn’t perfect, I have gone from feeling isolated, lonely, and lost in comparison, to feeling joyfully alive, in love with my body, and connected to the most inspiring community of women. 

I struggle less and celebrate more.

Britt Fohrman's headshot

Join me on the Path to
Joyful Embodiment

I have found that a retreat at the river returns me to my natural state, it reignites my ability to fully embrace my wild self. 

Most of the baggage I have around what my body looks like or how it fits into my clothes just falls away when I get to the river.

So if you came here feeling like there is more to life than working, caretaking, and arduous self-improvement… you have come to the right place.

I have done some serious work to return to my own joyful embodiment.

I battled for over a decade to heal from a chronic illness, with trips to the wilderness and Burning Man thrown in as a lifeline to joy.

I sat in countless plant medicine journeys to heal my body and heart, and through that, met the man of my dreams. We had several pregnancy losses, and all along the way, I have used my connection to joy, pleasure, community, and nature to heal and grow into the happiest version of myself.

It hasn’t been easy, but there’s always fun to be had.

I have learned that joy and pleasure are the greatest natural resources on earth.

And that when we gather with other women in community, we can elevate each other. We stand as mirrors for each other to step into thriving and out of just surviving.

When we come together, we hold and inspire each other.

The sharing of our stories, the expression of our boundaries, and the movement of our bodies act as catalysts for the growth and expansion of every woman in the circle.

“The whole retreat felt very supported. It was incredibly organized with contingency plans thought through. I loved how we each had the ability to hold our own boundaries. So much is allowed. However, we felt was valued. I also loved having the private river access. It was all pretty perfect.”


“The Juicy Ladies Retreats give us intentional space to tend to our juiciness in a container that is perfectly held for us, so that we don’t have to “do the work” of creating that container for ourselves, which can feel overwhelming for busy, over-worked women in our culture. Plus—the community is AWESOME— I’ve never felt so comfortable in a group of women in my entire life.
Britt creates the perfect space for complete relaxation and connection with ourselves, with our bodies and with other women. “


“Being in the company of women is so powerful! Our shared experience allows us to see each other for our true nature and rest in a deep understanding of what it is to be a woman, among other women. Especially for ladies who feel competition with other women, the Juicy Ladies Retreat is extremely potent to strip away preconceived notions and – like the Yuba itself – smooth out the edges so we can flow with ease.
Britt is a dedicated facilitator who is so skilled at creating a container of safety, openness, and playfulness! Everything is optional – but everything is also chosen with intention and care. I always make deep connections with women at the retreats – including my inner divine feminine self!”


“Britt creates a loving, supportive container where we can experience the healing waters of the Yuba, combined with her unique form of yoga. I left the retreat feeling refreshed, renewed, and connected to other sisters- truly juicy ladies- and ready to face the world again! The morning restorative yoga was wonderful! The daytime river, so relaxing and renewing! The nourishing meals, so delicious! I loved meeting amazing, empathic and magical ladies!


“One part of the retreat that was really valuable was getting naked in a group and
the freedom and guidance offered to enjoy and connect to my body. Also, the way Britt offered cannabis really helped me work out mind stuff through my body. I couldn’t have imagined how good yoga could get – bringing in the full feminine experience- WOW! Juicy yoga is definitely the way to go!”


“Some highlights for me were the movement and sound practices for creating space in my body and simply practicing
being in my body.  I appreciated having the freedom to explore being in community with other women, that was hugely powerful for me. I really valued Britt’s  knowledge, teaching, and openness to share! I love learning from other women and am so grateful to Britt for providing such a welcoming and safe space to be expressive.  And last but not least, the photos! They helped me to feel so IN MY POWER. Looking back at them, I am reminded to adjust my crown, step into my power and own my life.”


The Juicy Ladies Retreats are suited for queens who want to feel nourished, connected and entirely liberated.

Join us at the Yuba River this summer for some nervous system resetting in community with a bunch of other gals who pray in communion with the water, rocks, plants and great mystery.


I would be coming on the retreat by myself. Will I feel left out or awkward with the group?

Our opening circle sets the tone for our time together and will give you a chance to start making authentic connections with other people in the group. And with it being such an intimate group, people make friends by the end of the first day.

What are the pleasure practices and can I opt out?
Once we have dropped in together, and have co-created a field of consent, permission and safety, we will explore the edges of self pleasure, in community, one that radically honors the authentic expression of our sensual and sekksual aliveness.  
We approach self-pleasure as a liberatory practice, where we can hold space for one another in shedding layers of shame, conditioning and self-limiting beliefs. 
We explore embodied eros through genital touching and reclaim our pleasure for ourselves, first.
We honor that each person will be comfortable with different forms of expression and exposure to the group.  Some people will feel ready to strip down bare right away, while others may feel more easeful doing the practices energetically or under/ through a sarong.
There will never be any pressure to participate in any practice, nor will there be sekksual contact between members of the circle during the practices.
You will be invited to lean into edge of permission you give for yourself (and your pleasure) and let your nervous system set the pace. 
All of our practices are always optional. Consent is Queen.
I’d love to explore the local towns. Is that allowed during the retreats?
The experience we co-create on these retreats is sacred, mind blowing and deserves a strong and safe container that everyone contributes to. Given this potency, I have decided that in order to maintain the integrity of the container I am now asking that people abide within the vast retreat grounds for the entirety of the retreat, and no longer take trips to town. If you want to go shopping, please plan ahead to do so before or after your retreat. Our practices, community, home, trails and river spot will offer plenty of entertainment, quietude and inspiration, I doubt you will miss engaging with the outside world for the week.
What’s “advanced" about the Advanced retreat?
The Advanced retreat is for people that have already explored self-pleasure in a conscious way and are ready to take their practice to the next level.  Though both retreats offer pleasure practices, on this retreat there will be more of a focus on deepening into the pleasure practices in more vulnerable ways. Because of the activating nature of these explorations, it is important that you are resourced enough in your own practice that you can do practices in community (only touching yourself) without easily getting disregulated or triggered.  If you would like to learn more, you can set up a chat with Britt here (link to
I don’t use cannabis, will I feel left out in a group of stoners?

Not everyone uses cannabis on the retreats, and when they do, it’s in a very mindful, elevated way. The encouragement is to use it as a medicine to enhance connections, not to numb out.

When I have used cannabis in the past it made me feel anxious, but I am curious to have the experience you describe here. Can you help me let go and relax?

Yes!  Britt loves helping women find their sweet spot with cannabis, just as she does with yoga.  She will be happy to share some options and strategies for learning how to partner with the medicine for greater enjoyment, ease and awakening.

It looks like there is a lot of nudity on this retreat. I am more modest and not sure if I will feel comfortable being naked in front of strangers. Will I feel lame wearing my bathing suit?

Everyone is invited to be their authentic selves and will be celebrated for doing so.  No one will care how much or how little you wear.  This is an opportunity to feel into what truly feels best for you and your body.  While nudity is not required, many people find that our container gives permission to let it all hang out with joyful ease and a celebration of all bodies.

This is the first time I am leaving my young child. Will I be able to stay in touch with my family?

While the house and land we will be on doesn’t have a mobile signal, there is wifi in the main house, so you will be able to make wifi calls and receive messages. People are encouraged to use their devices in private and out of the communal spaces, as to maintain the unplugged vibe of the retreat. 

I’m an introvert, will there be any time for me to be quiet and alone?

Yes! You are welcome to have as much or as little group time as you wish. EVERYTHING IS OPTIONAL. Our spacious river canyon allows for solo adventuring and quiet contemplation. The hiking trails around the house are perfect for early morning explorations, and our beautiful deck is the perfect place to journal, meditate or watch the birds.  If you really want solitude, consider booking one of the River Cabins on the July retreat!

I know you work with a lot of mothers. I am not a mother and am wondering if I will feel left out.

There is always a mix of parents and people without children. And since all of the moms that come are there to take a break from parenting, you’ll find that usually they are eager to explore other juicy topics.

I work remotely. Will I be able to check in with my team/clients and take meetings from the retreat?

Work is strongly discouraged on the retreats! We encourage you to wrap up your work before the retreat begins and give yourself the gift of fully unplugging. Please email Britt if you need to discuss this.