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Preparing your vagina for birth

This 3-part series is for all pregnant people, as well as birth workers with vaginas.

It’s time to get connected to the part of your body through which your baby is born. So many of us are disconnected, misinformed and confused about how our vaginas work and how we can work with them.

In this safe, confidential, supportive environment, you’ll have an opportunity to take an inward journey (fully clothed) to expand your capacity to open more easily for your baby, your pleasure and your power. We’ll illuminate and begin to release any shame, suffering, negative beliefs, traumas and unconscious physiological patterns that could make it difficult for us to open and accept the intensity of birth.

With lots of humor, compassion, and levity, we’ll practice simple yoga poses, focused breathing, visualization, sound, fun exercises in class and at home. This is an invitation to get real and vulnerable with yourself, and the people in the room, with the intention of having a more empowered and enlightened experience of birth.

To learn more about Britt’s yoga practice, as well as classes, retreats and workshops she offers, visit Britt Fohrman Yoga

Wednesday, June 26, Monday, July 1, and Monday, July 8
Thursday, September 5, Monday, September 9, and Thursday, September 19
Wednesday, October 30, Thursday, November 7, and Wednesday, November 13

Deep release: Restorative Yoga for Body, Heart, and Mind


Surrender into comfortable, supported poses while you enjoy easy breath awareness and simple meditation techniques. We’ll create a foundation of relaxation that radiates from your nervous system and organs to restore health, vitality and ease within all levels of your being. This gentle, soothing practice will help to relieve the aches in your muscular body, while expanding your natural capacity to heal, sleep, digest, conceive, build immunities and show up in your life with a clear mind and open heart.


Restorative Yoga is accessible to everyone, regardless of fitness level, age, ability or experience with yoga. This deep medicine can be incredibly useful for everyone, including pregnant women, new parents, people with anxiety, chronic illnesses, headaches and discomfort. All you need is the willingness to be still and present with yourself.


To learn more about Britt’s yoga practice, as well as classes, retreats and workshops she offers, visit Britt Fohrman Yoga


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Prenatal Partner Yoga and Massage: Conscious Connection for Birth and Beyond

This workshop offers couples an opportunity to go deeper in their connection to each other, their babies and their own intuitive wisdom. Together you’ll learn how to confidently navigate all phases of labor with breath awareness, massage and partner poses. Furthermore, partners will learn skills for self care and creating a safe and calm environment for the birthing mother.

Upcoming Workshops:

CONSCIOUS BIRTH: Breathe, Soften, Open and Go Inwards Towards the Power of Birth

Learn to focus your mind, settle your nervous system and release your body to make your birth easier, faster and more intuitive. With Restorative Yoga poses and HypnoBirthing breathing and visualization, you’ll surrender into deep relaxation, increasing your comfort throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

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Open and tune into the pelvic floor, while igniting the strength, suppleness and juiciness within this in this mysterious and powerful part of our bodies. You’ll learn how to use gentle and restorative yoga poses, along with yogic breathing, sounding and simple meditation techniques to deepen your connection to your pelvic floor muscles. This practice can be very useful in releasing tension and trauma; decreasing discomfort and dysfunction; while increasing circulation, relaxation, optimal function, strength and pleasure throughout our lives. As we become more embodied, the pleasurable possibilities increase! This exploration is open to self-identified women of all ages and life stages, and is especially relevant for the preconception, prenatal and postpartum times.

To learn more about Britt’s yoga practice, as well as classes, workshops and retreats she offers, visit Britt Fohrman Yoga.

Upcoming Workshops:

The Healing Power of Stillness: Restorative Yoga and Zen

Tassajara Zen Mountain Center

July 19-24, 2019

Come explore what it means to deeply rest in your own body and mind through Restorative Yoga and Zen. Restorative Yoga gives us an opportunity to balance the effort in our lives with ease and surrender. Our retreat will also include dharma offerings, seated meditation, leisure time, gentle movement and stretching to complement our theme of cultivating ease, relaxation and surrender in all aspects of our lives. Registration opens in February 2019, and advance planning is highly recommended as this retreat sells out early in the year.

Juicy Ladies Retreat

August 15-19 @ The Yuba River

Join me for my SECOND ANNUAL hedonistic, restorative and inspiring weekend focused on deepening your sense of juicy and joyful embodiment.

PLAY in the river
ADVENTURE into your true self
LIBERATE your natural way of being
OPEN to more pleasure, playfulness and joy
DANCE under the moonlight
DELIGHT in juicy girl talk with tea, tokes and treats
UNWIND with gentle yoga
EXPLORE the welcoming paradise of the South Yuba River
NOURISH your beautiful body with wholesome meals
CONNECT with a crew of other conscious women
CELEBRATE your womanly beauty in a river-side photo session
CREATE a juicy vision to live by

Join an intimate group of wild and wonderful women for a long weekend adventure into your juiciest self. Nestled in the heart of Sierra gold country, the South Yuba River is a gentle and magical river, that wanders over sensuously soft, curved rocks.  The water is the perfect temperature in the late summer, warm enough to play, explore and float in all day long, but cool enough to be refreshing.  Mamma Yuba offers an abundance of shallow pools to chill and read in, canyons to rock scramble through, cliffs to leap from or low key rapids for body surfing.

It’s like a sleepover party for grown up women who like to relax, eat well, do a little yoga, enjoy the outdoors, play (naked?) in the river, connect with their inner wild woman and possibly partake in a little cannabis (totally optional).  We’ll be staying on private land just outside of Nevada City, minutes from some of my favorite swimming holes.  As we lounge by the river, I will be taking photos of those who want to be photographed, so you’ll go home with a little reminder of what a gorgeous goddess you truly are.  Check out my Instagram feed to see some pics of the lovely ladies I have previously enjoyed the river with over the past 4 summers.  Local, organic cannabis products will be mindfully curated by yours truly, chosen to enhance your sensuality, embodiment, relaxation and pleasure on all levels.

We will be joined by my sweet friend Season Bender, who’s an incredible chef, focused on organic, seasonal, nourishing and delightfully delicious meals.  I have enjoyed her culinary magic on other retreats and am thrilled that she will be coming up from LA to join us!  Everything will be gluten free and all dietary restrictions will be honored.

The accommodation options include solo and shared bedrooms, sofa beds in the common space and camping (with an easily accessible bathhouse with hot showers just for the campers), something for every budget.  

The EARLY BIRD cost is $885-1440 for the 5 day, 4 night weekend (depending on which accommodations you choose).  The cost will include morning yoga, all meals, cannabis, photography, activities, access to a completely private river spot and a goodie bag.  I will help to organize carpooling.  Depending on traffic, Nevada City is about 2.5-3.5 hours from SF.  We will arrive on Thursday around 2pm and will depart around 11am on Monday.  A. NICE. LONG. WEEKEND.  Everything is included, except massages, which will be offered by Carolyn Cohen, internationally renown yoga teacher and Thai Massage therapist.

Since there is only space for 12 lucky ladies, reserve your spot early!  Registration opens on March 27, 2019.  Email me to put your name on the waiting list or to get more info.

Once registration is open, a non-refundable $350 deposit is required to hold your spot.

EARLY BIRD rates expire May 10, after that the cost goes up $100 per person.


“Heading down that long, winding road to Tassajara prepares me to unwind completely. The sound of the creek rushing at night lulls me to sleep, and the peaceful spirit of zen permeates those magical days. Britt’s signature yoga classes and her co-teacher’s zen meditation sessions combine perfectly to help me heal myself from the inside out.”

Dennise Lite

“Going on retreat with Britt is the ultimate self-care bliss. She is an experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate teacher who has a special talent at getting people to let go and surrender. She offers tremendous insights into how to relax and let life wash over me. These are special learnings I always bring back to life in the real word.”

Sheana O’Sullivan

“Since 2012, Britt’s retreats at Tassajara have become my annual pilgrimage – the combination of restorative yoga and natural hot springs is deeply nourishing for both body and mind.”

LinChiat Chang


Private retreats are a great way to gather friends, colleagues or family to practice yoga together, build community and strengthen connections.

I offer customized adventures all around the world that can include surfing, hiking, camping, meditation, healthy living mentoring, exploring local culture and so much more. Your private retreat can take place anywhere from the Northern California coast to Lake Tahoe, Costa Rica or Hawaii—or wherever you desire!

Please inquire with me directly about pricing as costs vary depending on the size of your group, amount of yoga instruction, and the location that you choose.