Build your confidence

Empower your clients,
take care of yourself

Make your practice sustainable
and rewarding

Strengthen your own
inner guidance

Professional Mentoring

BF_InternalPlaceholderIn almost 20 years of teaching yoga and over 17 of being a doula and prenatal teacher, I have gained a lot of perspective and experience to offer people considering or just starting out in these lines of work.

Being a teacher and nurturer at heart, I love supporting others in finding the career path that is right for them, while maintaining healthy boundaries and finding ways to make a living on these paths of service.

I offer three options for mentoring doulas and those considering getting into birth work.
~Deepening Doula Circle
~Shadowing (For more information on the shadowing apprenticeship, please contact me.)
~One on One Private Mentoring Sessions – In our mentoring sessions we can discuss the common highs and lows of this work, while strategizing about options for continuing education, complementary sources of income and ways to get established in the community.

For yoga teachers wanting to develop or expand their skills in teaching restorative, gentle, therapeutic or prenatal yoga, I offer the opportunity to assist my workshops and weekly classes, in addition to 1 on 1 mentoring sessions.


Thank you for sharing your hard earned perspective about your work as a doula, but also for taking the stand that you do. This light that you have shined is so valuable to me as a newer doula. You are really paving the way for us to do this work with a fierce protectiveness for the mother and high level of integrity.


 “Britt is a true pro. She has more integrity in her teaching than anyone I know. She cares little about what is in popular demand and teaches to what she believes in and what her students need. Britt uses her years of experience to help work with students with limitations and injuries. Her deep understanding of yoga surpasses the physical body and extends into the emotional and energetic body.”
Elizabeth Herrick