Experienced, confident and compassionate support

Help for your partner to stay
present and relaxed

Feel supported, safe and calm

welcome your baby with love

give birth in your own unique way

Doula Support

I have been a birth doula in San Francisco and the surrounding area since 2000 and bring not only my experience of close to 500 births, but also my training as a yoga teacher, bodyworker, HypnoBirthing educator and photographer. In my work as a prenatal yoga teacher, I connect with hundreds of pregnant people every year, learning from them, sharing birth stories and offering them conscious birth preparation through yoga, HypnoBirthing and mindfulness meditation.

The inspiration for my work as a doula is that birth is a natural, normal function of the pregnant person’s body and that most womxn have the ability to give birth naturally, with the right mindset, preparation and support. Giving birth can be a sacred rite of passage that taps a womxn into her deepest power, helping her see how truly strong and resilient she is. Because I have seen the way (excessive) interventions can seriously interfere with this natural, intuitive, potentially empowering process, I have chosen to focus on working with people who believe (or want to believe) in their own power to give birth, are interested in making informed choices and are willing to take responsibility for themselves in preparation for and during the birth. My practice is very holistic, as I strongly encourage the people I support to examine (and sometimes adjust) all aspects of their lives as they prepare to give birth to their child, as well as to their new selves. 

The focus of my doula practice is shifting towards my new program PASSAGE INTO MOTHERHOOD.  Within this program, pregnant people will have access to my most essential practices, resources and confidence building process work that previously was only available to my cohort of doula clients.  Within this program, I will be collaborating with a handful of SF’s most skilled and resourced doulas, health care providers and complimentary care practitioners. Please reach out if you have questions or are seeking referrals.

“Having Britt present with her serene demeanor and calming ways really adds to the beauty of the environment as she deftly aids the couple in making the birth experience a fully realized one. Working with Britt, I saw how truly dedicated she was to the people she worked with and how profoundly she honored the laboring process.”

Jacqueline Musich, Labor and Delivery Nurse, Alta Bates Hospital, Berkeley, CA

“As a doula, Britt helped us come up with a sensible birth plan, and reassured me that giving birth could be done without the use of drugs. Having her there, keeping a soothing hand on my leg, enabled me to focus and bring a beautiful, healthy daughter into the world, with no medical interference.”

Siobhan Noland

“She is calm, knowledgeable and great at reading people. The pre-natal and post-birth visits were very beneficial, and, the most important part, was when she was with us at the birth. She is a great advocate for you and helps parents throughout the whole process. Britt played a critical part in helping us have the best birth experience possible.”

Mike D.

“When you have Britt as a doula you get much more than someone who is just that. You get a knowledgable yoga instructor, a partner during and after the pregnancy to answer questions and offer support, monthly gatherings with other mamas, a photographer, a hearty laugher, and a wealth of wisdom around prenatal nutrition and health.”

Alice L.

Passage Into Motherhood

Be a part of a dynamic group of womxn preparing for birth and motherhood with strength, connection and joy.

Winter series runs February 5 – March 11, 2020

Wednesday evenings from 6-8:30pm in Twin Peaks, SF.

Do you sense there is more to your pregnancy than just healthcare appointments, reading books and shopping for all the right gear?

Are you interested in setting up a strong foundation upon which to stabilize yourself for the postpartum transition?

Do you crave a deeper connection with your baby and other womxn on this journey?

Do you yearn for a trustworthy and experienced guide that can help you relax and go deeper?

Do you want guidance in preparing for an empowering, healthy, connected birth?

This coaching group is for pregnant womxn who want to use birth as the vehicle by which they transform their lives.  If you’re interested in trusting yourself and expanding your capacity for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth, while navigating the changes that come with pregnancy and motherhood, this group is for you.


Topics we will explore

  • How to create a smooth, healthy, empowered birth and postpartum
  • Embracing and supporting our changing bodies
  • Learning how to let go and cultivate vulnerability
  • Creating healthy boundaries with work, family and the world around you
  • Listening to your intuition and communicating with your baby
  • Addressing fears around this transition in your relationship, work and personal life


Over 6 weeks we’ll take a deep dive into

  • Practicing yoga, breathing, relaxation, visualization and affirmations to enhance all aspects of the journey
  • Channeling the energy of your sexuality to enhance pregnancy, birth and beyond
  • Exploring practical tools for enhancing self care, self love and self awareness
  • Receiving a thorough set of reliable resources for every step of the way
  • Anything else that is on your heart and mind 


What it looks like 

You’ll gather with an intimate cohort of 12 womxn, once a week for 6 weeks, to tap into mind/body skills, simple rituals and the support of sharing openly in a circle, that will help you feel resourced, confident and clear in this time of shifting shapes. 

Together we will laugh, cry, dance, meditate and sing, like women have been doing together since the beginning of time. Carving out this time on a weekly basis will leave you feeling more tuned into your baby, more engaged in your pregnancy and more excited about the road ahead. 

One circle will include your (birth) partner and is focused on deepening intimacy and opening into vulnerability for the pregnant mammas, standing in strength for the partners and preparing for a conscious birth together. Single mammas are invited to bring the person that will be their primary birth partner. 


Blessingway Ceremony 

The final circle will be a communal blessingway ceremony, where each womxn is invited to bring 2 womxn from her community to share the experience with, to introduce them to these transformative practices, as well as essential and timeless wisdom to support the postpartum time.  This final circle will infuse you with a sense of confidence, relaxation and excitement about your upcoming birth. 


Community Building

Further community building will be fostered through a buddy system, where you will pair up with a womxn who will be your touchstone through our process and your postpartum transition. 

We will also offer an online community through a secret Facebook group. 

A reunion will take place about 4-6 weeks after the last person has her baby, and will include everyone’s babies. 

This circle does not take the place of a childbirth education course, but pairs very well with Rachel Yellin’s Childbirth Preparation class series. 


You Will Receive 

6 group sessions of 2.5 hours each. 

A solid connection to a community of like minded womxn that you can lean on through your transition into parenting.

A wide array of carefully vetted and customized resources for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Daily practices to help you relax, build confidence and deepen your connection to your baby.

2 private sessions with Britt:

Intake session (45 min):
Share your concerns, worries, fears and intimate history with Britt so she can customize the circle experience to best suit your individual needs.

Conscious Birth Coaching Session (45 min): Paving the Way for a Positive Birth:

During this session, we will get into a more individualized conversation and help you (and your partner) craft a unique birth and postpartum preparation plan.  Britt will dive deep with you to uncover your strengths and the character building experiences you can draw upon for inspiration to support your pregnancy, birth and parenting journey.  Additionally, she’ll help you illuminate the places where there’s potential for healing, growth and transformation. Over the past 20 years her clients have appreciated receiving her practical suggestions and action items, as well as themes for meditation, contemplation, mindful self care and bonding with their partners. 



Payment plans are available.  Two sliding scale spots are available for each series, so please reach out if the cost is prohibitive for you.

Optional Add-Ons


75 Min

Create a personalized yoga practice, whether it be therapeutic, for assisting in optimal baby positioning, a daily home practice or a birth practice session with your partner.



Add on a maternity photoshoot ceremony, to celebrate the beauty, wisdom, strength and creativity of your luminous body.


90 Min

Britt will join you at your home for some time to unwind and relax into your postpartum transition.  Do some yoga, receive gentle reminders of all the skills you already have, process your birth, receive resources and emotional support to bolster you through the early weeks and months of the postpartum time.  You’ll receive a customized yoga sequence designed to support your physical healing and emotional well being. This session can happen any time after your baby is one month old. (Having a caregiver for your baby is recommended for this session, so we can focus completely on you!)

Feel free to create your own package with any of the above offerings combined.


I’m happy to offer you a 20 minute intro call to see if this program is a fit for you.  



Another great way for us to meet and for you to get a feel for my style and approach is by coming to one of my prenatal yoga classes or workshops.


*Class Registration Discount

To receive a $25 discount on Rachel Yellin’s Childbirth Education classes, enter the code “25bucksoff” on Rachel’s registration page. Be sure to list “Britt Fohrman” in the registration referral prompt.


Are you early in your pregnancy and still trying to decide where to give birth?  Want some guidance from an experienced professional about how to best maintain a healthy pregnancy and prepare for a natural birth?  Not happy with the care you’re currently getting?  My pregnancy and birth options consulting sessions will help you navigate the myriad options available to you, as you assemble your team for your ideal birth.

I look forward to partnering with you to create a safe, satisfying, conscious and empowering birth experience for you and your baby!