Circles & Ceremonies

The Juicy Ladies experience extends beyond our annual retreats into our monthly circles, outdoor dance parties as well as individual and communal ceremonies.

Upcoming Events:

Free to Feel: An Online Ritual Practice For Women and Non-Binary People With Yonis

Wednesday, August 30th, 2023
7pm PDT

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Do you crave more freedom? Whether it’s freedom in how you speak, work, dress, relate, love, pray or move about the world, getting there is an inside job. No one else can free you, but being in community with other people on the path can help to accelerate your journey.

In this online ritual practice, we’ll use the ancient alchemical tools of breath, movement and pleasure to tune into what keeps us restrained and open up our capacity to truly feel free in all aspects of our lives.

Within this loving, welcoming and trauma-informed container, we’ll take a lighthearted approach to personal growth so we can soak up more of the goodness of life, no matter what’s going on around us.

At the end, I’ll offer the live participants access to an exclusive bonus for the Pleasure As Medicine Immersion.

Shared Medicine: Deepening Alliances in the Perinatal Community

Thursday, Oct. 12, 2023
From 6-9pm PDT

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Join a gathering of the perinatal community to reconnect, network, nourish and strengthen our visionary alliances. As we emerge from 3 years of coping with the separation, fear, and losses that profoundly affected our clients, ourselves and our communities, we recognize that many of us have made changes in our professional offerings and the ways that we practice. It’s time to nourish our evolving practices and reap the benefits of collective support and inspiration.

We’ll each have time to share and spotlight our current offerings, while also enjoying two experiences designed for this evening:
A potent healing and releasing ritual, and a super juicy process for manifesting the next level of abundance, pleasure and success.

The Juicy Ladies Circle: Wild and Free (on the Beach)

Saturday, September 9, 2023
From 2-5pm PDT

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Come play, breathe and dance your way to becoming even more wild and free. We’ll enjoy an afternoon in community immersed in the elements, along with resourcing embodiment practices to expand your sense of liberation. Freedom flows with more ease when we connect with a circle devoted to the pursuit.

This gathering will include the annual Juicy Ladies OCEAN PLUNGE, a potent ritual for communing with the power of Mother Nature, enlivening our bodies and washing away all that’s ready to be released!

Light snacks will be served. Please bring your own water!

Everything is optional, and all layers of experience are celebrated.

The Juicy Ladies community values diversity, equity and inclusion. To support this aspect of our mission, please consider contributing to our equity scholarship fund.

The ticket price is $75, so you have the option of overpaying. Anything you overpay will go to scholarship fund.

To inquire about scholarship or work/ trade opportunities, please email

The Juicy Ladies’ Circle is dedicated to women who want to gather in all our realness, rawness, power and depth and to come more fully alive within our bodies, hearts and minds.

As women have been doing since the beginning of time, we’ll converge within the potent container of the circle, each woman equal, bringing her wisdom, light and questions into the collective womb of the tribe. Whatever is ready to be cultivated, birthed or transformed, can do so with ritual, loving encouragement and reverence.

Some circles take place out in nature, while others happen in studios or private locations around the Bay Area. Wherever we gather, each circle includes moving our bodies, expanding our breaths, meditation, play and relaxation.

Together we expand our care for ourselves and each other, increase our awareness of our bodies, and welcome in greater embodiment of pleasure, sensuality, creativity and joy. You’ll head home feeling enlivened, inspired and supported by our circle.

Juicy Dance Parties

Sonic journeys in beautiful, outdoor settings across San Francisco, intended to inspire joyful embodiment, while deepening a connection to nature and community.

Tap into joy, play and juiciness as you move at your own pace, in your own way.

Kids of all ages are welcome, as long as they can handle explicit lyrics and adults dancing wildly.

The music is different each time and is usually an eclectic mix of hip hop, funk-pop, R&B, ‎soul and a little disco thrown into the mix, as well as a sprinkling of multicultural, electronic, slow house and deep tribal.

We use Silent Disco headsets as a way to take an inward somatic journey, while enjoying the sweet company of our community and making only a joyful impact on our surroundings.

These events happen sporadically so watch this page or sign up for my email list to get the latest updates on future dates.


My ceremonial offerings include rite of passage rituals such as Blessingways for pregnant women, spirit meditation immersions, momentous birthdays and gathering community to commemorate life’s most significant transitions.

In a culture that has forgotten how to mindfully honor the passages of birth, death, renewal, marriage, separation and everything in between, these ceremonies tap into the ancient technology of the circle to contain and amplify the richness of what we learn when we show up in a conscious way. 

With clear intentions set, we can step into the next phase of our life feeling fortified, inspired and supported on the deepest levels.

My motivation in offering these ceremonies is to create a container where you can explore the inner terrain of your heart, mind and body to welcome in any healing, insight, support or affirmation you are seeking. Together we craft a space where you can freely be and feel yourself.

In the ceremonial container, you are likely to see well beneath the surface of your life, your relationships and the world around you. It’s quite common to feel your place in the interconnectedness of all beings, beyond time and space.

Dropping into this ritual container, and going towards whatever arises helps us have more ease with how we respond to the beauty, pain, joys, challenges and transitions of life.

People often report that these rituals have had a life-altering effect on the way they relate, create and interface with all that cannot be controlled (a.k.a. everything).

The container I create is tailored to you, and informed by my own practices, training and inspiration from our ancestors.

Some ceremonies can take place online, while the power is most potent in-person, in the location of your choice.

Some ceremonial theme options include:

– Intimacy with Oneself: A daylong meditation immersion into your inner landscape

– Juicy Birthday Circles for marking the big decade transitions

– Celebration of Life: Honoring a loved one who has passed on

– Claiming an empowered sexual identity

– Blessingway: A conscious, ritualistic, non-materialistic alternative to a baby shower

– Conscious Death: A ritual for the biggest goodbye

– Yoni Portal Magic: Honoring the divine feminine within

– Emerging from divorce or loss of a spouse

– Journey into understanding your life’s path

“I was honored to have Britt guide us through my Blessingway, as we celebrated my right of passage into motherhood. Her grounded, heartfelt presence and depth of knowledge created a sacred container in which we experienced the beauty and power of female connectedness. I felt infused and saturated with love, support and confidence as I was held by the circle, and I carried that with me as I approached the end of my pregnancy and my birth with more grace and peace.”

– Suzanne K.

Britt created a beautiful virtual container for 20+ of my soul sisters to join in celebrating and honoring this special time in my life. She led us through various rituals including a guided meditation to open the circle, invited all sisters to share their offerings, mixed in with some fun dance breaks, before closing off with a guided visualization of the birth.

I received so many positive messages afterwards – it really felt like it cracked everyone’s hearts open and allowed the love to flow. I was in awe of how special the experience was (not just for me, but for everyone else), even though it was virtual.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in exploring, I highly recommend working with Britt who will lead you through the process from start to finish with flawless execution.” 

– Christine Lu Singh


I began my path as a space holder in the late 90’s as a yoga teacher and in 2000 as a birth doula, though my first true ceremony came in 1998 as I sat by my Grandfather’s bedside in the days and hours before he took his last breaths.

It was through this experience and these practices that I have come to understand the nuances of holding a safe, accepting, relaxing and supportive space.

My offerings are further infused with the ancient teachings of shamanism, Buddhism, medicine work and other earth based traditions.

I pay my respects to the ancestors, mentors and teachers (most of whom were/ are women) who have carried these practices through lineages that I am blessed to be a part of.

I am deeply honored each time I am invited to hold space, and do so with unconditional love, respect and reverence for whatever may occur.

While I am a deeply spiritual person, I live with my feet planted firmly on the ground and am weary of any sort of spiritual or religious dogma.

I authentically hold the mystical and magical elements of the practice with just as much emphasis as the mind-expanding, creative and life-enhancing benefits.

Though I’ve personally had countless ceremonial experiences, in 2014 this practice took on a much deeper form of prayer and healing for me, through which I was able to recover from the trauma of a chronic illness, find my beloved and step more fully into my power as a woman, healer and joy-bringer.