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Gentle & Therapeutic Yoga

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Yoga is a system of gentle medicine that teaches us that our bodies are wise, and empowers us to heal ourselves. It is an art of infinite layers that, when practiced regularly, allows us to peel away the superficial, leading us to a deeper understanding of ourselves as dynamic beings with changing needs.

My Gentle Hatha classes offer you a way to replenish, heal and grow.

With an emphasis on alignment, sequencing, and breath guided movement, I encourage you to step out of your head and into your body. Dynamic, nurturing, healing, and fun, these classes are meant to address the unique needs and concerns of those practicing on any given day. You may sweat, or you may relax. You may strengthen, or you may release.

Students are invited to find a balance between effort and relaxation. Whether the focus is on fluid movement or therapeutic sequences, you can always expect to begin with time to settle into your body, feel your breath and move from the present experience of your body, mind and heart.

Yogis of all ages, levels and body types will enjoy this relaxed pace, attention to detail and warm, spirited approach to Yoga.  Postpartum women are welcome and will be given appropriate modifications.

Therapeutics are always included in these classes and can also be addressed in Private Sessions.

“Britt brings a wealth of knowledge about the human body to each and every class.  She tailors her teaching to student needs drawing on Iyengar, Viniyoga, and restorative Yoga.  As a long time practitioner with a variety of physical issues (rotator cuff, pulled groin muscle), Britt’s classes are exactly what I want and need.  Her warmth, curiosity, and sense of humor are interwoven throughout her teaching, another reason her classes are a priority in my life.”

Kennett Lindberg

“I have many things to thank you for, but right now, after a delicious inversion, I am mindful and thankful to you for always encouraging us to explore variations of the pose to find its best medicine for us. It’s part of teaching us to listen to ourselves and to trust what we hear, and the simple, concrete, self-loving action that follows that listening.”

Gentle Hatha student

“A yoga session with Britt is a mini-vacation from my ruminating self. Britt’s gentle spirituality is always in the room, intoning ‘be nice to yourself’, without ever being preachy. Her teaching style is patient and down to earth, with just the right amount of charm and humor, the spoonful of sugar that helps the meditation go down! I’m also amazed at her creativity, how she mixes up poses and props from class to class, with many of them being practicable at home. Britt is a total delight!”

Eric Staller

“Britt teaches a very thoughtful and hands on yoga practice. No injury is too small for her to guide you through varied poses with gentleness and care. And to boot, there is a lot of joy and laughter in the room.”

Stacy P.

“Britt’s Gentle Yoga classes provide me with practices that integrate body, mind and spirit. Her teaching style offers modifications that support a wide variety of students. Classes are well-paced, including core work, stretching and relaxation. I especially appreciate Britt’s openness in sharing her spiritual journey with her students.”

Janice Polizzi


Back pain
Sports injuries
Repetitive strain
Surgery recovery
Cancer recovery
Fertility challenges
Menstrual cycle difficulties
Chronic illness, pain and fatigue
Pelvic floor dysfunction
Postpartum recovery
Trauma and grief