FullSizeRender (1)Hello!  I am Britt Fohrman, Yoga Teacher, Birth Doula, Photographer and Birth Educator.  Welcome to my new website!  This has surely been a looooong labor of love and I am thrilled to finally be sharing it with you.  Its not at all “complete” or “perfect”  but I am learning more and more to let go, as I am always teaching my yoga students and doula clients to do.  My letting go has been made easier with the support of my amazing “birth team”  that has been working on this project with me.  In fact it was my very wise designer, Leslie Tagorda of Flair, who reminded me that “perfect is the opposite of done”.  That’s been my mantra for the past few weeks, as I move things from today’s to do list, to next month’s.  Leslie has not only been taking my ambitious, wild and crazy ideas of joining 3 sites into one, but she has also been key in brilliantly illuminating my personal style and voice on your screen.  Her assistant Jeffry Campanero has played a huge part in that as well.  And when in the 11th hour I realized a web content writer I am not, I was lucky enough to find Claudia Graziano to doula me through the copywriting and editing.  (Cleansing breath!)

Finally, and most significantly, I want to give a big namaste to my assistant Anna Heredia, who has been responsible for absolutely everything I could possibly take from my plate and put onto hers, including mastering WordPress and photo editing.  Without Anna, this site would still be the biggest, most nagging item on my to-do list.

So, I hope you enjoy having a look around, finding what you came for (and maybe a little more).  Please let me know if there’s any feedback you have or ways that you see I could improve the site and your experience of connecting with me online.

I look forward to hopefully connecting with you in the “real world” and in the meantime, you’ll see that I have lots of social media options for you to explore!