Juicy Coaching

A conscious container for the deepening of your feminine evolution, healing, and embodiment.

My coaching practice is based on over 2 decades of experience in holding space for women standing at the threshold of life’s most profound transitions:

Becoming a mother, healing from illness, injury or loss, stepping into sexual power, and opening to new beginnings.

In our coaching sessions, I weave in my experience with yoga, meditation, hypnosis, Buddhism, Tantra, Shamanism, Non-Violent Communication, plant medicine, dance, holistic healing, and myriad feminine embodiment practices.

Personally, I have been on my own healing path for all this time and these are the practices, traditions and tools that have guided, structured and enhanced my life in ways beyond what I could have imagined.

At the center of my offerings is an invitation to truly come home to your body, with a heart full of self love and compassion setting the tone. This journey always begins by slowing down, breathing deep, listening to your body and tending to your heart.

This journey always begins by slowing down, breathing deep, listening to your body and tending to your heart. My desire is that through our explorations you will know yourself as wise, resilient and resourceful, letting your intuition be your guide.

Your journey with me will likely include some shadow work, where we go into pain, separation, familial and cultural conditioning, reclaiming the lost parts of yourself to truly restore your innate power, freedom and feeling of connectedness.

And we’ll always bring it back around to laughter, play and a connection to the light. I hold this container with humility, honoring it as your unique journey, where my place is to be your witness, mentor and sounding board.

My aim is for you to feel safe, loved, celebrated and respected every step of the way.

Topics we might explore in Juicy Coaching:

  • Sexual sovereignty
  • Yoni healing, awakening and understanding
  • Reprogramming your nervous system to make healthier choices
  • Cultivating deep, true self love
  • Creating a personal practice that nourishes your body, heart, spirit and yoni
  • Experiencing more fun and play in a healthy, integrated way
  • Navigating relationships from a place of soft power
  • Setting boundaries and cutting ties
  • Eradicating patriarchal conditioning from your relationship with yourself and others
  • Building supportive community with like-minded folx
  • Resources for supporting a healthy, happy lifestyle
  • Advocacy in your healthcare and beyond
  • Ritual and ceremony to honor transitions and evoke new ways of being

I offer both 1:1 coaching,
as well as group experiences.

After mapping out your desires and goals in this session, we will co-create a customized coaching container…