Photography Rates, Info & FAQs


I accept cash and Venmo.
I ask my clients for a 50% deposit in advance to reserve the session time; the remaining fee is due on the day of the shoot.
A $100 travel fee applies for every 30 minutes of travel required beyond San Francisco.
Please contact me for inquires regarding rates for birth photography. 


90 minute photo session
4 rolls of 120mm B/W film with digital proofs
Two 8×10 B/W fine art prints of your choice
A minimum of 20 unedited high-resolution digital images

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90 minute photo session
A minimum of 20 unedited high-resolution digital images

Schedule A Session


How long do the photo sessions last, and when will I get to see my photos?
Our photo session will last about 90 minutes, although I will likely be with you for about 2 hours. We will spend time talking, getting to know each other, developing a rapport and brainstorming how we can best reveal your glow. You can expect the digital shots to be available to you within 10 days, and the film proofs within 3 weeks (though both are often ready sooner).
Where do you your photo shoots usually take place? Do you bring lights?
I tend to shoot in my client’s homes, as that’s where people seem to be the most comfortable. But I’m also happy to meet you at your favorite spot in nature, the park by your house, or anywhere you’d like! I also have a small studio in my home if you prefer to shoot on a plain, seamless backdrop.

I will bring one light and a reflector, but it will be best to shoot in the room(s) that are brightest at that time of day. I don’t travel with backdrops.

Natural light tends to be the most flattering, so we will choose a space together that offers the best light to accentuate your natural beauty.

What should I do to prepare for my session?
Please make sure to clear any clutter in your home, especially in the rooms with the best light, where we may be shooting. Even if you don’t plan on shooting in a particular corner, that corner may end up in the background of one of our shots. Also, please be camera ready with your hair and makeup finished before I arrive. Some of my clients like to make a Pinterest board with images they want to emulate, and then share it with me ahead of time. I will also come and co-create with you, so we can be spontaneous.
How far will you travel for photo shoots?

I am willing to travel throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. I charge a $100 travel fee for every 30 minutes of travel beyond the city of SF.

Do you have any special advice for pregnant women?
I advise pregnant women not to wear anything with elastic around the hips or breasts (i.e., no undies or bra) for an hour or so before the shoot. Wearing a robe or loose dress is best so that you don’t have any lines around your belly for the photos. You can shine up your belly with a little oil before I arrive. Pick out a few clothing options so that we can try out shots with different looks. Solids work best, no stripes or patterns. Black shelf / cami bras work well, as do robes, kimonos and black skirts with wide waistbands. Of course, we can do nudes too; most of my clients like to do a mix of nude and semi nude.
How would you work with someone who is concerned that she's not very photogenic?
Often people worry about not being very photogenic. (I used to believe that about myself as well!) I’ve learned this is more often a state of mind rather than a universal truth. The first step towards becoming photogenic is to stop telling yourself that story and choose to love yourself as you are in this moment. My intention of our shoot is to help reveal your natural beauty and the light of your spirit. I have lots of experience in helping people come out of their shells and feel really relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. Maybe you look best with a certain type of smile, or with a more pensive/ serious look or at a certain angle. I will explore all of our options. Usually people look amazing while laughing, so I will definitely make you laugh if that’s what needs to happen. But really, if you let go and allow yourself to be really fully seen, wonderful things can happen. This is why I start every session with a short guided relaxation /meditation, where we relax into our breath and bodies. This gives you the opportunity to move into the space we have created together to celebrate your body, your smile or your family.
When did you first start photographing professionally?
I have worked as both a fine art photographer and portrait photographer since I graduated from college in 1997. At that time I worked in the world of advertising, but quickly found I wanted to be free to create work that I believed in, that resonated with me personally. Over the years I’ve photographed more than 400 pregnant women, their, births, and their families.
When in my pregnancy do you recommend I schedule my photoshoot?
I have found that the ideal time to shoot is between 32 and 36 weeks. However, I am open to shooting whenever is convenient for you.
I can’t afford your fees, but still want to get photos taken. Do you offer a sliding scale or other options?
  1. I offer one sliding scale, discounted photoshoot per month because I believe that every mamma deserves stunning images of her amazing body. Please send me an email with your proposed budget and if the space is available, I will see if I can accommodate you.  All discounted photoshoots are given with the agreement/ caveat that I will be able to use your photos for promotional purposes, after you have seen the photos and have given me explicit approval of the images I would like to use. These shoots are only available for the basic package.
  2. I am always working on personal projects for which I need models. If you are not able to afford a photoshoot, please send me a request to be considered for a personal project and I will see if there’s a project that I’m working on that I could use you for. I will then reply and ask you to send me a few current photos from your phone to see if you might be the model I am looking for. There’s no guarantee, but its worth a try!


To purchase a gift certificate contact me for electronic payment options or mail me a check for the full cost of the session. Then go to the contact form and send me the name and contact info of the person for whom you have purchased the session.  Once I have received your payment, I will email the gift certificate directly to the recipient, unless you prefer that I send it straight to you. No service will be provided until payment is received.


48 notice for cancellation of your photoshoot is required otherwise full payment is due.The only exception besides illness is giving birth, in which case, I request that you email me upon the onset of labor to cancel and that you reschedule your prenatal shoot for a postpartum one.

It is suggested that pregnant women have a small snack before their session.

Our time together starts at the set appintoment time, therefore if you are running late, that time will count towards the total time of our session and may mean we are not able to get as many images as originally promised.