britt and rachel huge penisThe past few weeks have been very exciting for me. Lots of creative momentum and inspiration in all of the work that I do. Some of that inspiration has come from deepening my studies with my own yoga teacher, and even more has come from getting to see two of my all time heroes up close.

Prince was the first. A life long dream came true seeing him play live at the Oracle Arena in Oakland. He radiated so much love, passion and artistry as he simultaneously soaked in even more love and appreciation from 20,000 of his most adoring fans. As we danced, clapped to the beat and sang along with him, I was transported back to junior high when his songs were my first exposure to the idea of a partner adoring a woman for being in her power, seeking and receiving pleasure. What a revelation! No wonder he topped the charts!

Last night, I got to see another hero, Dan Savage, speak at the JCCSF (which is where the above picture of Rachel Yellin and I was taken). If you’re not familiar with Dan’s work, he’s an outspoken activist, brilliant writer and sex advice columnist with one of the most entertaining and educational podcasts around, Savage Love. Both of these men are what I think of as Love Warriors, courageous and bold. Each in their own way, Prince and Savage promote a vibrant, unapologetic expression of love, sexuality and self preservation, even sometimes at the cost of being chided, bullied and criticized for their beliefs and creative expressions. I am often inspired by the way they encourage their audiences to be open, non-judgmental and straightforward about loving, taking the risk to step out of societal norms, into a more authentic and liberated existence.

Though my own work in this world takes different forms than theirs, I am deeply aligned with the example that both of them set for eschewing inner and outer judgments about the way that we look, love, live, do yoga, birth (and whatever else we do), and instead living and loving in the ways that feel authentic and true for our own selves.

So, as you head into spring, I invite you to feel into the possibilities of where you can be more authentic, bold and full of juicy love! Listening and feeling into your body in yoga is a great start!