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BF_InternalPlaceholderThrough my two decades of being a doula, I’ve gained a lot of perspective through riding the highs and lows of this rewarding line of work.  It can be the most thrilling and satisfying job in the world, but when essential details are left untended, being a doula can be a drain on your health, social life, relationships and finances.

Being a teacher and nurturer at heart, I would love to support you in designing the practice that is right for your unique life circumstances, your passions and your energy level.

I offer four options for mentoring doulas, as well as those considering getting into birth work.


A Doula for the Doula: 1-1 Mentoring Immersion

Invest in the longevity and sustainability of your practice as a doula.

Every doula needs a doula!  As your sister doula, I hold space for you to take an in depth look into how you want to birth your practice to the next level.  I will share the precious gems I have gleaned in my two decades of thriving as a doula to help you grow, problem solve and create the practice of your dreams.  No question is to big or small! We can cover everything that’s on your mind, as well as all the details I have come to believe are essential in being a well-paid, balanced, healthy and happy doula.

Over the course of 6 months, you will receive:
5 – one hour mentoring sessions, scheduled at the frequency that works for you (over Zoom or in person in SF)
3 – thirty minute calls for support before, during or after a birth, with me or three of my trusted colleagues

Topics we may address include:

  • guidance for being a successful and thriving doula
  • getting the clients you want
  • setting up your business
  • processing births
  • getting paid what you are worth
  • self care (including how to take vacations!)
  • boundaries
  • continuing education to expand your doula toolbox
  • complimentary sources of income
  • becoming established in your community as a leader in supporting birth
  • how to help your clients get prepared for a faster, easier more manageable birth
  • how to manage your energy before and during a birth
  • partnership models and back up arrangements
  • being a doula as spiritual practice
  • photographing births
  • whatever is on your mind!

Receive a simple pre- and post-birth Restorative Yoga sequence to support your energy levels and ease your body and mind.
Receive a $100 discount to join my Deepening Doula Mentoring Circle, launching in 2019.  In person or live online.
Attend a free gentle or prenatal yoga class with me, as well as one weekend workshop
Become part of my referral network

Cost: $900, payment plans available.

You will make the money back in one new client!


Shadowing Apprenticeship

Gain the knowledge and skills it takes to be a successful, confident and effective doula.  You will not only be able to learn from three doulas who have collectively attended over 1000 births, but will also witness three conscious births.  We will be here to support you in your learning process by being available to answer questions after the prenatal and postpartum meetings, as well as during the birth itself.  

Some highlights of this program include:

  • Attendance of prenatal visits
  • Monthly Mammas’ Circles
  • Attendance of 3 births in the role of apprentice

Please contact me for more details and pricing


Individual Coaching Sessions

In Individual Coaching Sessions we can process and find creative solutions for any issue that is arising in your doula practice.  This session is also ideal for those considering becoming a doula and wanting more info before diving in.

Topics we may cover include:

  • Debriefing a challenging birth
  • Working through an obstacle in your doula practice
  • Consulting about forming a partnership
  • Navigating conflict with a client, care provider or colleague
  • Finding the doula training that is right for you
  • Any single topic mentioned in the packages above

$150 for 45 minutes via Zoom or in person.


Deepening Doula Mentorship Circle

Click here for all the juicy details!

Thank you for sharing your hard earned perspective about your work as a doula, but also for taking the stand that you do. This light that you have shined is so valuable to me as a newer doula. You are really paving the way for us to do this work with a fierce protectiveness for the mother and high level of integrity. K.G.


“Britt is a true pro. She has more integrity in her teaching than anyone I know. She cares little about what is in popular demand and teaches to what she believes in and what her students need. Britt uses her years of experience to help work with students with limitations and injuries. Her deep understanding of yoga surpasses the physical body and extends into the emotional and energetic body.” Elizabeth Herrick


“The minute I started a mentoring session with Britt, I knew I was in the right place. She helped me to bring clarity and excitement to my business project. She listened carefully to my needs, and replied to them with enthusiasm and professionalism. She was the supportive pillar and also the validation voice I needed to go to the next step. Thank you so much Britt!” – Héloïse Coppee

“Britt’s depth of experience really shows through in her work – from the interview, structure of prenatal appointments, what she packs in her doula bag, how she interacts with hospital staff, to the postpartum visits. At the same time, Britt is an incredibly intuitive doula and provides valuable perspective on how to connect with each client’s individual needs and background, follow your instincts, and how to take care of yourself to make your work sustainable. I feel really lucky that I can take Britt’s tried and true models and integrate them with my individual gifts and personality. She has taken the time to help me download some key learnings and has helped me process them in a way that strengthens my practice. I’m so happy I took the opportunity to mentor with Britt, and I’m so grateful for her support in this new career!” – Cassie Schemper

“In my journey towards pregnancy and in the early stages of pregnancy, I feel like I am swimming murky waters. There is so much information out there and what I hear from my doctors does not resonate, yet asking questions or challenging the standard advice does not get you anywhere. What is a non-healthcare professional to do to navigate the landscape? My sessions with Britt have been a great blessing, she provides a wealth of knowledge and resources in a supportive environment – from books to practitioners (inside and outside of the hospital system) to yoga practices to nutrition.  What I especially love about working with Britt is her grounding approach, she really works with you to tease out your own intuition and to help you find your own unique path.” – Amy