Preconception, Pregnancy & Birth Coaching

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BF_InternalPlaceholderThrough my coaching practice I offer women (and their partners/ families) positive encouragement and support around making healthy choices and conscious decisions about their pregnancy and birth.

I provide referrals for midwives (homebirth, birth center or hospital based), doctors, doulas, complementary health care providers, birth and parenting classes, books, and other resources. I help you envision where you would like to give birth, whether it be in a hospital, birth center or your own home. I assist families in cultivating the tools they need to safely welcome their babies in a peaceful and loving way. I listen to your concerns, answer questions, offer suggestions, and support your pregnancy and birth in a way that is unique for you.

Use the booking link above to schedule a 75-minute coaching session, during which we can explore all of your questions. After our session, I will provide you with a customized resource list.

Coaching is also available for families in the preconception phase who may have questions, fears or concerns regarding pregnancy and birth and want support before the pregnancy begins.


  • Where to have your baby (if in a hospital, which one)
  • Choosing a care provider
  • What type of birth you want
  • How to prepare for a natural, conscious, positive birth
  • Interviewing and hiring a Doula
  • What books to read
  • Choosing a birth education class
  • How to include a partner, friend or family member in the birth and preparation
  • Talking to your partner, family and friends about your birth preferences and choices
  • How family and friends can be supportive before, during and after the birth
  • How to create a positive, conscious birth within special circumstances where intervention(s) may be necessary
  • Creating a postpartum plan
  • Emotional challenges of pregnancy and the transition into motherhood
  • Navigating common myths about pregnancy, birth and motherhood
  • Referrals for complementary care providers such as acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists, etc.
  • Ways to take care of yourself through exercise and nutrition
  • How to work with various discomforts of pregnancy
  • Transitioning into parenthood gracefully
  • How to get more information about medical needs or concerns
  • Emotional obstacles to having your desired birth
  • How to advocate for yourself when in the hospital
  • Decision making while in labor
  • Whether or not to circumsize your baby boy, where to do it and with whom
  • Baby Shower/ Blessingway planning and coordination
  • Whether or not to include older siblings in the birth
  • Relaxation and breathing techniques for pregnancy, labor and birth
  • The difference between a natural birth and an undisturbed birth

Are you considering birth work as a career?

Are you a doula looking for mentoring?

I also offer consulting sessions for people looking to learn more about working with pregnant and birthing women. These sessions can take any shape you like. I can offer resources for training, continuing education, ways to avoid burnout as a doula, tips for growing your birth related business and so much more.

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