March 25, 2016 @ 4:15 pm – 5:45 pm
Bernal Yoga
Folsom St & Cortland Ave
San Francisco, CA 94110

This deeply restful and rejuvenating practice can help you create a foundation of mental, emotional and physical support in your life through your personal yoga practice.

Whether its because of all of the energy we give to others, our hectic work schedules, chronic illness, excessive stress and physical activity, many of us are constantly finding ourselves depleted, yet we rarely give ourselves permission to slow down.  Through Restorative Yoga, meditation and breath awareness, this practice can help you find a way to practice, when you might otherwise not practice at all. Most importantly, we will cultivate the fine art of surrender.

We may explore various supported poses to cleanse the organs, strengthen the immune system, soothe the nerves, invigorate the body, and honor the spirit.  Multiple variations of each pose are presented so each practitoner can have the opportunity to figure out which one suits their own needs.

This practice is suitable for yogis of all backgrounds and levels and is especially appropriate for new parents, pregnant women, women trying to conceive, people with chronic illnesses and discomfort, as well as people that tend to nurture everyone but themselves.

For those that are unfamiliar with Restorative Yoga, it is a practice born from the Iyengar tradition that utilizes a variety of props to support the body in gentle, restful positions.  Poses are held for 5-30 minutes or as long as the practitoner is comfortable.  The aim of the practice is to create a deep state of physiological relaxation, in which one can breathe, heal and rest deeply.  Studies have found that 20 minutes in a Restorative pose can be as restful as 2 hours of sleep!

A Restorative class is taught at least once a month in Britt’s Tues/Thurs 12:15pm Hatha class at Yoga Tree Valencia. Public workshops are taught a few times a year, private workshops and private sessions can be scheduled by appointment.