Britt Fohrman



"As an obstetrician and as a client/student of Britt's, I can truly say that working with Britt was one of the best things I did for myself during my pregnancy. I first met her when I took her prenatal yoga class when I was pregnant, and her class was a revelation to me. Her class was so much more than just a yoga class - it was a pregnancy support group, a social event, and a therapeutic experience. Her prenatal massage was heavenly, helped eliminate my back pain and was one of the highlights of my pregnancy. Britt's holistic tips for wellbeing during pregnancy were informative to me as a traditionally trained physician, and I have used them with my own patients. I had a wonderful, natural birth and I believe Britt's class was a contributing factor to my great birth experience. To top it all off, I hired her as a photographer to shoot beautiful photos of my new family after our baby was born.

"Years later, I am still a regular massage client of Britt's, and her massages keep me happy and sane. As an OB/GYN and advocate of natural birth, I can say that Britt is one of the most important people in the Bay Area helping women have healthy pregnancies and births."

Naomi Stotland, MD
Mother of Beatrix and Noah

"My birth experience was incredible. It actually happened in nearly exactly the way I envisioned it should, though I never could have imagined the steps that would get us there. My team of support, Sergio, Britt, my mother, the nurses and midwife were outstanding, and I could never have persevered without them. In the end, though, I think about something Britt said afterwards that may have been the most important factor. As we prepared for the birth, we made a concerted effort to focus on what we did want, rather than what we didn’t want. Alexandra’s birth ended up being a manifestation of our dreams and visions for that day in part because we worked and planned for it to be that way. My best advice for prospective parents is just that: develop for yourselves a positive, concrete and realistic vision of the birthday of your child. Prepare however you must (with classes, exercise, or whatever else) so that this birthday is possible. When the day comes, you will have a much easier time acting out this positive vision than if you had only focused energy on how you didn’t want the day to end up. I had a wonderful, powerful birth experience surrounded by so much love and support; I wish more women could experience birth this way."


Mother of Alex 

"I am 36 years old. I am the mother of 2 beautiful children, both of which Britt attended their births as a doula, a photographer and a friend.

I have learned more about being a woman and my body in the past 3 years (since I've known Britt) than ever before. I first met her in her prenatal yoga class when I was about 12 weeks pregnant. Before we began class, she sat at the front of the room with her notebook and pen and asked a simple question. "Have you ever watched a birth?" It seemed equivalent to asking "Have you ever just stopped to listen?"

This question blew the doors open to what I was about to learn being pregnant, giving birth, being a mother, being a student to my children and the privilege of being a woman. I had seen kittens and baby calves born. Did that count? I had never thought about what a birth should be, I just thought you were lucky if you made it to the other side. But a flash went off in my head. The animals didn't make it look painful or scary, those births were one of the most beautiful and peaceful events I had ever witnessed. Why should my baby's birth be different from that? Britt's simple question had started a revolution in my head. I realized I had a lot to learn from this wise woman.

Britt is like a pregnancy coach. She does not judge or force an agenda. She simply listens, respectful of her sisters, nurturing their instincts. And when you're ready, she has a whole heart full of resources to guide you on this amazing journey, whatever you want it to be.

She is building a community for women, forcing us to question our intentions, open our hearts, our minds, our eyes. She creates "a circle", a sacred space to honor her mammas. Imparting wisdom, sharing stories, having a safe place to be vulnerable, a space to celebrate our true power.

She knows the better way. The way our foremothers embraced their inner strength and knowing because they worked together, they shared, they supported."

Tamee Cooper
Mother of Olivia and Leo


"Britt's pre-natal yoga classes prepared me more for the actual childbirth process--spiritually, physically and emotionally-than anything else I did. The questions that she started each class with allowed me to work through my own doubts and fears around becoming a mom, and the yoga poses she chose emphasized childbirth preparation, connection to your baby, and how to tap into your own ability to endure--and transform--pain. Thanks in large part to Britt, I had a wonderful, unmedicated homebirth, and I ohmmed my way through every contraction.

I felt incredibly honored to have Britt participate in my birth process by taking photos. Her background as a doula meant that she was able to be non-intrusive in what is a very intimate space, and that she knew precisely which shots were important to get. Her skill as a photographer meant that every photo perfectly captured the power, joy and intensity of my homebirth in photos that were candid, personal and more beautiful than I could have imagined."

Ann Whidden
Mother of Ezekiel

"I didn't have a doula present at my first delivery, but for my second (and likely last) delivery, I knew a doula's presence would be a gift to my family. Britt eased me through my labor so peacefully that the 17 hours rolled gently by. She gave me thoughtful and unobtrusive support, letting me stay calm and focussed, while helping me keep the medical staff and their interventions at bay. I will never forget the important role she played in our joyous day."

Caroline Grant
Mother of Eli and Ben


"Birth preparation is a very special and important time for women; the teachers during the 9+months help prepare the mother and child for the upcoming big event. Britt Fohrman is one of the most wonderful guides I had during my pregnancy. During her prenatal yoga classes, I appreciated her gentle, kind, nurturing, educated, and fun instruction. She is flexible to the students' needs, providing new and inspiring exercises, both mental and physical. Britt introduces each class with a birth story or some words of wisdom; these shared experiences and provocative thoughts created a library of positive birth-related information and inspiration within me. Britt's yoga classes were a womb-like community that helped provide stability and celebration in my months of childbirth preparation. During my labor I used many techniques that I had learned in prenatal yoga to which I credit my daughter's fun and easy natural birth.

In addition, I was fortunate enough to have a delightful pre-natal massage with Britt which I would highly recommend for when you need some rejeuvenation.

During my last month, Britt produced an elegant black and white photo of my large belly of which I am very proud."

Juile Stock
Mother of Maggie

"It was so special for me to be inducted into the birth experience at your side. You are truly wise beyond your years and I learned so much from you in the 36 hours we spent together: that labor and birth are natural, that women have incredible reserves of strength to draw upon, that medical alarmism can be resisted in a respectful way, and that people are capable of anything with the right support. I love how you became a doula from a place of thinking about the complexity, depth and diversity of women's relationships with each other. Thank you so much for the beautiful experience of Soren's birth."

Aime Ranum
friend of Valerie, Soren's mom


"As the photographer at my birth, Britt quietly offered her positive and encouraging energy. Before the birth, I was afraid that having yet another person in the room would be too much. Quite to the contrary, Britt was never in the way, integrated perfectly with the others present, and ...

Britt's photos of my birth are at once a document of the event and an artistic representation. They are powerful and tasteful. Her use of black and white neutralizes the clinical feel of the hospital and and highlights the miracle of birth."

Palmore Hoyt
Mother of August


"Britt's calm presence and faith in the body create a space of nurturing and encouragement for pregnant ladies.  This kind of space became essential to me during this time steeped in the mysteries of pregnancy and childbirth.  We are surrounded by so much information and Britt does an amazing job at reminding us of how much we already have within."

Kim Frazar
Mother of Vivian


"Britt's pre-natal yoga class was the hour and 1/2 that I most looked forward to every week during my pregnancy. She provided a nurturing and relaxing environment, which turned out to be a great community of moms-to-be, in addition to helping ease the aches and ungainliness of pregnancy.

As a doula, Britt helped us come up with a sensible birth plan, and reassured me that giving birth could be done without the use of drugs. Unexpectedly, my husband was great during my delivery, so Britt stayed in the background. But just having her there, keeping a soothing hand on my leg, enabled me to focus and bring a beautiful, healthy daughter into the world, with no medical interference. And several nurses, wondering at my short labor for a first child, exclaimed that I must have taken pre-natal yoga!"

Siobhan Noland
Mother of Eabha


"For my first pregnancy, I was extremely unsure and anxious about the birthing process. I didn't know if my husband would be able to support me in the way I needed to be supported. I didn't know if I would be able to articulate my needs during the labor/delivery process. I chose Britt to be my doula because she seemed open minded, open hearted, and was willing to work with me to try to create the perfect birth for me. I labored for 20 hours, pushing for eight, and Britt helped me position my body in a comfortable and productive manner to facilitate managing the contractions. Finally, my son emerged from the birth canal. Britt's photography captured the exact moment that my son alertly arrived. It is now 16 months later and to this day, that is the most poignant photo I possess of my son, and I treasure it. I only wish someone had taken a photo like that of me when I entered the world.

Britt, thank you again for a most cherished memory that I will always treasure."

Jill Parker
Mother of Ian



Our birth was amazing, intense, peaceful, beautiful and just the rich bonding experience we had hoped it would be. Your presence, your confidence in us, your calm were all sooo helpful. And, you connected so perfectly with me during my "surges" - your words were exactly the ones I needed to visualize and use my energy constructively. I know our sweet baby girl is here safe and sound to a large degree because of you.

Wow. I wish the world knew how helpful it can be to have a doula. I will tell everyone I know. But, I'll also tell them it's important to work with not just any doula--it's important to work with one who spends time getting to know the mom and dad, one who appreciates and respects their character and their choices. You were great at that. We trusted you. You deserved the trust.

...and, I love the beautiful photo record you shared with us when it was all over.

You're amazing. You made a huge difference in our lives and in Sienna's entry into the world. Thanks."

Kim (and John and the doula-dog, Sonoma)
Mother of Cooper and Sienna


"I had decided to have a Doula before I met Britt. But once I met Britt through taking her pre-natal yoga classes, I knew she had to be the one.

One of my principal reasons for wanting a Doula, I told Britt later, was that I wanted my husband to be able to have his own experience during the birth of our child. I knew that childbirth was a long and sometimes difficult process and that he would need the reassurance that I would be taken care of when he wasn't sure what to do for me or when he needed a break. I also wanted us both to have a resource for information, for guidance and for comfort. Britt provided all of those things through our prenatal visits as she taught us massage, helpful birthing positions and relaxation techniques.

We had the good fortune of an unusually large and skilled birth team: a midwife, both of our mothers and Britt. The midwife was there to handle the medical aspects of the process, the mothers to handle food, drinks, and other logistics so my husband and Britt could focus on me. Britt stayed with us during the entire process of "hard labor" which lasted 13 hours. I was never alone as Britt and my husband took turns breathing with me, massaging me, and giving me great encouragement. She was a key and necessary member of our birthing team from start to finish.

Britt has a mercurial, humorous and comforting spirit. Her prenatal classes are among the best in the City, blending good exercise, stress and pain relief in a supportive, woman-centered environment. If we decide to have another baby in the future, I would not hesitate to work with Britt again."

Maureen Deboer
Mother of Brooke


"Childbirth is one of the most amazing and fulfilling experiences a couple can share together, and yet it can be a stressful time as well. Having Britt present with her serene demeanor and calming ways really adds to the beauty of the environment as she deftly aids the couple in making the birth experience a fully realized one. Working with Britt, I saw how truly dedicated she was to the people she worked with and how profoundly she honored the laboring process."

Jacqueline Musich
Labor and Delivery Nurse, Alta Bates Hospital, Berkeley, CA


"When at a birth, Britt has the presence of a goddess. Whether she is hanging back and holding the space, taking photographs, or helping mom, she is always an asset. All of the work Britt does is in the spirit of selflessness and service."

Juli Tilsner
Home-Birth Midwife, Childbirth Educator, and Doula.


"Britt photographed my husband and I when I was 9 months pregnant and she also photographed my daughter Rose Marie's birth. Both my husband Joshua and I really enjoyed working with Britt. She made us feel very comfortable by being open to our thoughts and ideas about what we wanted, and ultimately we formed a spontaneous collaboration. She captured, I think our true selves and our intimacy. She was prompt, and prepared and very supportive. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have had the dream birth I had envisioned. I can't wait to share the whole experience with photos with my daughter one day."

Lynette Kaplan
Mother of Rose Marie


"Britt's prenatal yoga class ended up being a significant part of the birth of our first child. The class helped me to work through the ache or issue of the week, connected me with other moms, whom I still see, and educated me about my body and pregnancy. What I learned about the birth process from her helped me to enter the birth the way I wanted to."

Melissa Shanley
Mother of Ian


"Britt Fohrman, in such a nurturing way, has created a wonderfully supportive prenatal community. Her dedicated work with pregnant mamas and couples gently but ably provides the mental, emotional and physical preparation to encourage natural childbirth. I summoned many many things I'd learned from Britt and the birth stories she shares when I was giving birth to my daughter. We had a beautiful, drug-free experience despite setbacks in my labor. My daughter's natural entry into the world and the self-respect I gained (and will never lose) from doing what was right for me is very much a result of being one of Britt's students. I am a better parent today for it.

Britt is carving out a safe place for women to nurture their mothering instincts before their babies arrive, helping us develop habits that will serve us in such good stead down the road. It's hard, sometimes, to tap into your truth in order to make decisions on behalf of the baby with integrity. I feel like I began learning how to do that very early on, thanks to Britt. And at four months, Lucky is such a happy baby and we feel totally empowered as good parents. We owe so much of that to you, Britt. Thanks!!)"

Anne Ruggerio
Mother of Lucky


"Britt's pre-natal yoga classes not only prepared me for the physical and mental challenges of childbirth, but also provided a weekly refuge for me to connect with other mommas-to-be. Four months after giving birth to my son, I still haven't felt the need to join a mom's group because I already have a great community of yogi moms and babies."

Joanne J.


"Britt Fohrman's prenatal yoga class was essential in preparing me for a natural childbirth. Britt's classes combine a thoughtful sense of community, breath-work and both restorative and challenging yoga poses in one fantastic class.

I looked forward to going to Britt's class and recommend it highly to any pregnant women looking for a challenging workout as well as a peaceful place to just "be" while expecting."

Jenny Thomassian
Mother of Phoebe


"I took Britt's prenatal yoga class weekly throughout my pregnancy and it was one of the most important ways I both prepared for labor and delivery and communicated with my baby.† I would strongly recommend her class for women at any stage of their pregnancies.††Britt is fantastic!"

Caroline Hill
Mother of Sam


"It is apparent that Britt has tapped into her calling in her work with pregnant women. Her talents as a yoga instructor, massage therapist, and doula had the effect of making my pregnancy an incredibly special time. She combines raw skill with an available loving energy which is not to be missed."

Corrine L Bucher
Mother of Chance


"Thank you doesn't come close to the gratitude I feel for the gift of the photographs you made. Not only will they become a documented treasure for Odessa, for me they are transforming how I see the birth. Your images capture so much beauty, rawness and, well, life! These photographs are so important to me on so many levels. I will always remember peeking an eye open at times and seeing your calm, wisewoman face full of confidence and intention. And while I'm at it, I'll sing your yoga praises and your gifts to the birthing community. Lord knows where many of us would be without your kind, dedicated guidance to our pregnant changing bodies through movement and massage. It was an honor in both of my pregnancies to be in your midst. You taught me so much."

Kim Indressano
Mother of Liam and Odessa


"Britt's prenatal yoga classes challenged and inspired me to find the inner strength I didn't know I had -- and to have fun while i worked hard. Her awesome prenatal massage eased the strains and tension of pregnancy, and my husband learned some key moves in her partners' yoga and massage workshop, too. the end result: an amazing natural childbirth, and a big, healthy daughter from day one. Thanks!"


"I took Britt's prenatal yoga class in my third trimester, and her wise, caring teachings gave me great physical and emotional reserves to draw on in pregnancy, during the birth process and, maybe most unexpected and most valuable, in my life with a newborn!

Britt begins every class with a thought-provoking question that is both genuine and relevant for pregnant ladies experiencing a major life-change. These questions build a quiet sense of community and focus for the class during our practice, and they inspired a lot of journaling for me outside of class, which helped prepare me for birthing. Overall, the class educated me about the physical changes my body was undergoing, gave me helpful techniques for combatting the physical and mental discomforts of pregnancy, and foreshadowed a lot of the moves and mental gymnastics that I went through during labor.

Now, I think of Britt's teachings often while I'm trying to relax during a screaming fit from my baby and I'm using moves from the class to soothe my baby and to help my body recover. I thank Britt from the bottom of my heart for the gifts she has given to me and, by extension, to my family."

Becky Gertmenian
Mother of Greta

"Britt, thank you so very much for providing a wonderful space for pregnant women to learn from and grow in. I started my pregnancy very scared and disconnected from my body. Through your classes and my yoga practice, I am now in a place where I am thrilled to start this next book of my life (a chapter just wouldn't be sufficient enough!) I so appreciated your dedication to helping mom's through this incredible journey. You do a beautiful job."

Sarah Hoffman
Mother of Amelia

"While pregnant, I spent a fair amount of time anxiously imagining the labor process, which was a great unknown to me as this was my first baby. Feelings of being out of control, not knowing what to do nor what to expect, or being helplessly at the whim of a distracted hospital staff ran through my mind ... until my husband and I hired Britt as our doula. Britt consoled my fears by meeting with us before the birth, reviewing the process step by step, piece by piece, until my husband and I had a clearer vision of what we would be going into at the time of labor. When it came time to deliver, Britt was a rock in the midst of it all - holding my hand, reminding me to relax with each contraction, and gently helping me into alternative birthing positions to ease the pain. She talked not only to me through the entire process but also supported my husband, and liased with the hospital staff and my anxious mother.

I also want to say that there is a stigma with hiring a doula that the birthing mother must have a natural childbirth or there's no reason to have a doula. I think Britt proves this thinking wrong. Although the intention may be to have a natural childbirth, Britt is there to support the birthing mother from beginning to end, and if the birthing mother leans on medication, Britt is still very supportive and nurturing."

Tessa White
Mother of Caden


"Britt's massage was exactly what my pregnant body (& brain!) needed-- understanding about very pregnant aches, complete relaxation, total bliss. I left in a state of major euphoria, with a sense that I just *had* to schedule another one as soon as possible. "

Alissa Reiter
Mother of Sam and Eve

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